Coach Outlet - Woodsbury or Atlantic City?

  1. Hi All,

    I am a big fan of signature!! Can anyone let me know if Woodsbury or Atlantic City has signature stuff this christmas?:lol:
  2. I was just at woodbury today and it was disappointing as usual. The only sig was the mini sig and it was on very few things- a couple of small bags, a travel duffel bag and small things like contacts cases and the like. the outlet isnt a sig outlet so they mainly have leather. actually today they had one good thing- a legacy bag w/ reg sig for $409 plus 20% off. but that was about it.
  3. Did Woodbury have any of the leather legacy left? I wasn't able to get up there last weekend, and don't want to even attempt going there on such a busy weekend if there's nothing :boxing::lol: TIA!
  4. Thanks! :smile: I am checking out Woodsbury today and will report back
  5. They had a couple- i dont know the exact name of the color but i think i only saw the camel color, maybe a black as well. they were on the clearance shelf, i guess because they were so expensive. no one was really looking at them (except meeee- sooo pretty! :drool:)so you might be safe!
  6. Thanks SO much! I might run up in the morning since the weather is supposed to be miserable. Maybe that will keep some people away :lol:
  7. I posted this in the general outlet thread too:

    I just got back from Woodbury Commons, they had a good amount of Legacy, mostly leather. Satchels in black (leather & sig), khaki, white, and I *think* natural and/or whiskey. Oh and POND which I wanted sooooo bad, but decided I shouldn't make the impulse buy lol. Mandy in whiskey and natural I believe. Small shoulder zip in natural, I grabbed the last black. ALOT of white leather stuff including Ali, slim flap, satchels... pretty much everything. The only style they didn't have anything of was the shoulder bag with the 2 pockets, which I went there for of course lol There was also alot of what I think is called the small flap, has a short drop... that was in leather & sig.
  8. wow! they must have put a lot more stuff out since I was there! i def didnt see pond! they may have had this all in the back if i asked. but honestly, i purposely didnt ask bc i knew that if they had more i would end up buying something! haha
  9. Yeah in fact one of the SA's told me they had just gotten another shipment, I think she meant of legacy, but it would take a few hours to unpack, etc. I wish I had the time to stick around, but needed to get home.

    They only had the satchels in pond, but there were a decent amount of them. If they had a shoulder bag I would've bought it for sure. Definitely keep checking back in, or at least call if you get a chance, it sounded like they expected more stuff to keep coming in :smile: