Coach Outlet Vegas

  1. Hi Ladies!
    I'm going to Las Vegas next month for Memorial Day weekend, and was planning on hitting up the Coach outlet. I was wondering if anyone has been there, and if they would be willing to share what it's like, what I can expect, ect..

  2. I haven't been to the Vegas outlet. But I've been told by many Coach outlet employees that the Vegas store is the ONLY Coach outlet that carries signature items. So if you love the signature fabric--it's the only outlet that carries it!
  3. I do!
    YESSS!!! God, Im gonna go sooo broke.
  4. It's one of the few outlets that carry the signature line. Maybe the only one in Vegas. When we went, I was able to get a small purse (don't remember the style) for $27! I now use it as my cosmetic bag (I'm a big bag person). Anyway, there is a Burberry outlet there too! BTW, we are talking about the Primm outlet, right?
  5. I live in Vegas and never go to the outlet without visiting my favorite store. I don't carry the signature but yes they do carry it. the store is always packed and they do run specials. I would suggest going on a friday or during the week in the day. Weekends are a mess. I have even made friends with one of the girls and she calls me when my full price stuff hits the outlet. The problem is most of my stuff never hits the outlet. boo hoo :o( I would just go to the outlet in vegas but Primm is worth the drive and if you see something you want they could hold it for you at the other outlet. good shopping my friend...the one in Primm has a few sunglasses and watches not carried by the one in vegas.
  6. I love the Coach outlet in Vegas but be prepared for HUGE crowds (at least all the times I've been there on weekends) & a huge line up to pay for the items. They usually have a great selection wristlets for cheap.
  7. Oh wow the Vegas Coach Outlet seems TDF!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my Dad still wants to go to Vegas this summer!!
  8. no, its the outlet closer to the strip. I think its new. But they have tons of stuff. ESP the signature stuff. Pretty good price.
  9. I've been the the Coach outlet in Vegas. I personally didn't like it much. It's not that great. I prefer the outlet in NY and Atlantic City, NJ.
    However, it's been more than a year, they might have some new stuff now. you might find something good. Have fun.
  10. Does anyone know if this outlet carries shoes?
  11. I've never seen shoes at any of the 4 or so ones that I've been to, but that Vegas store might. I'm really annoyed because Coach makes some great men's shoes, but they only sell them at like 5 boutiques and very few department stores. If you go online, they never have the size or color you want.
  12. The Coach Outlet is at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, near downtown Vegas.

    There are lots of items there, no shoes. I've seen some nice signature items there the times I've gone. I agree either go on the weekday, or when they first open in the morning.
  13. That's the one I went to about a month ago. I just stocked up on accessories because I spent money elsewhere, but they had the small fish bags & chevron hobos for 50% off outlet prices (about $40 cheaper) then 20% off. I picked up an ocelot ipod case for $23, a turquoise signature wristlet I have been looking for forever for $23. They had a lot of signature stuff! I went on a Wednesday afternoon and it was a madhouse. :biggrin:
  14. Hi all, I'm going to LV in mid-may for a grad trip with my girls and I'm wondering what's the best way to get there? I'm not sure I want to rent a car just for going to the outlets, but I looked on the site and is there no shuttle or anything? Is the outlets really far away from the strip to take a taxi? Help!! =P
  15. ^^ hey, i live in vegas...

    and the best way to get there is to get a cab. THere are plenty of cabs there at the outlet, so no problem.

    Renting a car is a good way to get there too. However, as you are all tourists and do not hold nevada driver license, you will be hit with all kind of taxes when you rent the car. I don't know if that will be a good deal, taking into consideration that you are just using the car to go to the outlet for a few hours?