coach outlet this weekend

  1. anyone know if there are any nice black leather bags on sale? maybe a hobo or a small flap? im dyyyyyyyying for a new leather bag and i have 213 that i made working these three weeks to blow at the outlet
  2. when I was in the Wrentham, MA outlet Mon., I believe they had some soho flaps in black. I'm pretty sure there were totes as well. No hobos in black that I remember. Sorry I can't be more specific, I got sidetracked the bordeaux suede - they had a ton of it and it's gorgeous!
  3. you can always just call and ask about what they have available.
  4. I was in an outlet a couple weeks ago and they had Soho small hobos and small flaps in black leather. The hobos were $109 and the flaps were $139. The flaps were very similar to the current style on but the front buckles were a tad smaller.
  5. I saw some black pebbled leather hobos and flaps today that are on sale. What I liked about them was they had satin linings.
  6. oo thanks everyone, i think i'll call tomorrow and try to reserve something