Coach outlet stores...

  1. Does there happen to be any in an outlet mall in texas? im going there next month...and it would be SO great, sadly i dont know the name of the outlet mall :crybaby: im in love with this one soho sig. small hobo bag, and it would be LOVELY to find it at an outlet store :/ if not, i can always order it at ...:love:

    any tips i could use on spoting fakes? it would be greatly apricated :smile:

    oh, and yes. this would be my first! ^^
  2. There seems to be one in San Marcos, TX. :yes: I searched for "Coach" here:

    As for tips, I'm a total newbie! But I know there are *tons* of rockingly-experienced people on this forum!
  3. ok :biggrin: thanks ^_^
  4. It would be great for you to find what you're looking for at the outlet but if it's still on the coach website your chances are slim and some outlets don't carry signature hopefully the one you're going to does. As for spotting fakes some are pretty obvious..I don't think you will come across any at the outlets.
  5. Do things go into outlets every month? because im not going untill next month, though it would be AWSOME to find that purse at 30% off!
  6. We go to the Coach outlet in San Marcos pretty often, their selection is great! From what I've been told, they put out new merchandise every week. Prices are pretty good, they must be, that store is always busy. Be prepared to spend at least a day or two shopping both outlet malls, lots of fun!:smile:
  7. The outlet by me gets things in everyday or every other day. It changes pretty often..2 weeks ago they had the spring patchwork line the week after it was sold out. I have a couple bags they are supposed to call me on if they get them in b/c sometimes they might only get 1 of that purse...
  8. The Coach Outlet in San Marcos sells signature.
  9. The only one i know is the in San Marcos and it was very busy when i was there. and like someone previously stated, one day is not enough to shop at the outlet. Also, it's an outdoor mall so wear shorts!!
  10. I've been to the Coach In San Marcos and thought the selection was good. As previously stated it's outdoors in Texas so expect it to be HOT! There's also a D&B outlet if you like them...