Coach Outlet Sale Online????

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  1. I received an email this morning inviting me to a 24-hour online Coach Factory Outlet sale. I thought Coach didn't have any Factory Outlets online. Supposedly, you have to be invited to get in. It looks exactly like a Coach email.

    Is there any chance this is for real? Has anyone else ever gotten one of these emails?

  2. These sales have been going on for MONTHS - If not over a year now.

    yes...they are authentic Coach bags and yes I have ordered
    MANY of us hve ordered
  3. Oh wow. I may have to do some shopping today. Thanks for the info! :smile:
  4. Yes, those are legit. You're fortunate - some people try for months to get invited and never do!
  5. Check the thread in this subforum titled "COACH FACTORY ONLINE SALE + 20% OFF" - we discuss the email-invite sales in there exclusively.

    Well, almost. Except when we get sidetracked. Which really almost never happens. Sometimes.
  6. I got invited all summer but never bought anything. Now I haven't gotten one in a month. Is this usual?
  7. Unfortunately yes. I was invited for well over a year, bought occasionally, bought towards the end of the summer, then after Labor Day, nothing. I can still get in by using an old email, but it appears they've "un-invited" quite a few of us of late.
  8. There's a HUGE thread in this section on the subject - always run a Search before asking questions when there already are answers available.