Coach Outlet Purchasing Limits

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  1. So,

    I buy as a resaler at coach outlets. I didn't know it was such a big deal but last month I recieved a letter stating that I was banned from purchasing at any coach dealer ever again. :nuts: Kinda sucks. Has anyone else had this experience?
  2. Do a search you will find a few other threads on this, this is not something new. Not being rude, but just saying you will find more info by searching :smile:
  3. coach prefers to not have resellers buying bulk from them, just to make a profit.
  4. Now know that they prefer for that not to happen. I didnt understand initially since I was buying at the store. Its better than those people selling fakes. I did a search for bulk. Didnt find anything. What should I search for?
  5. people here have a hate/love relationship with resellers. those with access to outlets hate them and those without don't mind/love them.

    coach doesn't like resellers but from what other members here say, they are "limited" but see a lot of "resellers" buying lots without problems..sometimes because its a family or group of people to get past the limit?

    thats the gist of it.
  6. Try searching "reseller".
  7. I think it's GREAT! One more reseller bites the dust!!! :yahoo::woohoo::devil:

  8. i don't think OP is a true reseller, so much as a hobby, sort of, like i have found some tpfers (highly respected i was told) that are resellers as well

    true resellers, would find ways to get around it, i hate to say it but its true.
  9. i do find it funny that that is your first post OP! i thought this thread was going to be a) ignored, or b) eventually closed :P
  10. :nuts: Well, can you blame Coach...It's people like you that keep Loyal Coach customers from getting the bags and items that they Really want...I can't belive you posted this either,lol.....
  11. :tup:
  12. You are completely right. Unfortunately, they would find a way to work the system. :mad:
  13. hmmm there is fine line here is for someone like me who can get to 3 full price coach stores easily.. For me now Im saying just for me... I need the resellers on ebay thats the only way im getting my sale bags.. granted I have macys and nordstroms. but for like bangles and charms I use ebay Oh and isn't always black and white..
  14. Actually no biting the dust. I am very resourceful. Its more like either they've just pissed me off and I'll buy even more via other avenues or they should explain why its a problem. I came here looking for feedback as to why the ban. Thats all. Coach has went from a 2bil company to under 1bil. The outlets are there most profitable wing. Im sure resalers such as myself play a positive role. Also, I never buy out any items. I only buy crappy sale items. There are usually a bunch of them. Hi end, I leave to you guys. The point is, there is enough merchandise out there for all of us.

  15. You have to see it from the point of view of someone like me: my outlet doesn't get any good factory deletes, then I look on ebay for stuff that some of the resellers have bought at outlet prices during 20% off sales and see that the stuff is being sold for boutique retail or above. For all I know the stuff did come to my outlet and was bought by resellers who want to mark it up.

    The other thread for that is this one: