Coach Outlet purchase -keep or no keep?

  1. Coach Outlet $70
    But when I got home and compared....
    It's off white!!! It would be more versatile if it was white white as I cannot wear this clutch.wristlet with white anymore. It was the last one left in "white" so I wonder if the others were white or off white. Anyone know? On the coach website it looks white white. Also, looking at the larger clutch made me suspicious that the smaller one should have came with a wrist strap I think...
    But it was also the last one so I didnt think much about it! But now that I think about it... it looks like it should have come with one no? The lady who rang me up didn't say anything. Should I still keep the large off white clutch? It only looks dirty if I compare and I cannot wear white with it.

    Also... what if the choice was between white or black?Coach - COACH SOHO LEATHER FRAMED WRISTLET
  2. It looks off-white on the Coach website to me :/ I guess its just that color.
  3. I think it looks great and you can still wear white white with it...but if it bothers you or you think you won't use it then you should return it of course
  4. if you're not happy with it now, you probably won't be happy with it later.
    i'm not personally a fan of anything bag/clutch/whatever in white, but that's just personal style. i like it in black.
  5. I saw that today, its suppose to be like that, and the smaller one is suppose to be without a wrist strap, the bigger one is the wrislet vs. the smaller coin purse.
  6. Yep, I think it's supposed to be off-white instead of white white (chalky white).
  7. I like the size of the bigger off-white one, but agree that the color might be better if it was pure white. Its still a nice wristlet though.
  8. Thanks much everyone!! =D