Coach Outlet Opening March 2011- Arundel Mills, MD

  1. i took off too XD
  2. Will they have anything special for opening day? Free gift for the first xxx people or extra percent off? Anything??
  3. counting down...what time do you guys plan on getting there?
  4. ^^^im kinda thinking going ridiculously early what time are u planning on getting there?
  5. prob not before 8, I have to drop my daughter off at daycare then head over.
  6. im thinking im gonna aim for 7 lol when do u guys think people will really start lining up?
  7. I was going to head over around 9-10 AM. But maybe I should rethink that...
  8. The doors open at 8am for walkers so that is when I plan on getting there. It is going to be cold and possibly rainy so I don't want to wait in line unless I can be inside!
  9. Who is the manager going to be (Bunny said he's training at Leesburg)?
  10. Joshua (if I recall that correctly), NOT a previous Coach employee, he came from another company.
  11. ^^Thanks. I've been swamped with work and kid stuff, so I haven't had much time to check out Leesburg lately. Since he's from another company, I guess that's why I'm not familiar with him. He's training with a really great group of people, so he should do well at Arundel Mills (I love the Leesburg friendly and helpful).
  12. Anywhere to get breakfast before heading to the mall in the area?
  13. I just wanted to all of you that are going Friday morning fun and some luck that there will be something good for each of you!
    I won't be taking off work Friday for the opening and have plans on Saturday and Sunday, so I won't be making it that way at least until next week.
  14. @bunny - There are a ton of places to eat in the area including a Panera across the street from the mall and a Starbucks right off route 32 on Arundel Mills Blvd.
  15. I had all intentions to be there by 10am and then I had to open my mouth and a co-worker wants to go with me. Unfortunately, she has the morning shift and so I have to wait until after 5:30 to go together. Wonder if there will be any coupons? Didn't notice any in my email this week.