Coach Outlet Opening March 2011- Arundel Mills, MD

  1. do we know a definite date for the opening yet? its only a month away im shocked i havent seen the date yet. are we planning a tpf meet for their opening? lol =]
  2. March 11th, and I've already met the manager, he's quite nice even though reserved in his conversation.
  3. that's a Friday right? I may have to take off of work :smile:
  4. oh yay good thing i found this out now i planned a bday trip to nyc that day now ill have to make it for the week after haha or maybe earlier in the week =]
  5. I am so excited to be able to make an outlet run during the week and not have to eat up half my weekend -not that I totally mind, especially when I find something good!
  6. i know im so excited i can now do a spur of the moment outlet run and make it there without making it into a day trip whenever i go to lancaster it takes a whole 1 1/2 each way.
  7. I know, I am in Baltimore so it is either 1 1/2 to Lancaster or about 1 hour to Queenstown. I have never made the trip to the VA stores that I read so much about.
  8. Yes, yes, yes it is! Yet I am SO excited!!!! :yahoo:

    About a month away! Do we know what time they will open on Friday, March 11th?
  9. Try 3 hrs each way :smile:

    I'm guessing 10, 11am?
  10. I was hoping to keep it a secret so that there would be less people there.

    I am seriously considering working from home that day so that I can be there for the opening. That mall is crazy enough on the weekends and I try to avoid it then.
  11. i just put in my vacation day for march 11th. =]
  12. It's already plugged in my phone. I called JAX about a month ago and they gave me the info. The only thing is there are so many HUGE vacant spots in Arundel mills I can't tell where it will be. They do have the signs up already saying that coach is coming soon. I saw them at the entrance by Neimans last call and off Saks 5th a few weeks ago.

    Can't wait. I'm thinking about taking off work
  13. Last time I was there I saw a coming soon sign in front of an empty store. The windows were covered up so I couldn't see what was going on inside but the store was in between Bass Pro and Saks 5th on the opposite side. Not sure if this is it but we will find out soon!!!!
  14. How'd you meet the mgr? Was he training at PM or L-burg?