coach outlet online returns

  1. Can you return purchases made from Coach outlet online sale at a Outlet store? Has anyone done that?
  2. I do it all the time.. Easy peasy :smile:
  3. Cool. You just take receipt it comes with?
  4. Yes, that works.
  5. Thanks everyone. :smile:
  6. lol..i was just in the process of finding fp store actually said that I can bring the factory store item in with a receipt but they will only give me mc...which is fine cuz thats I paid for it neways...
  7. What if you purchased from the Coach factory online and snipped off the price tag? Can you still return it to the Coach factory outlet store? I didn't use it just put my stuff inside to see what it looked like. I hope this doesn't sound tacky.
  8. I was debating between returning the online item at an outlet or a boutique. Outlet said they do return and you can get a refund. Boutique said MC or exchange so it is treated exactly like a regular outlet item.
  9. as long as you have the tag and the receipt .. yes
  10. Thanks for the heads up! I really should know better not to remove the tag.
  11. My mom just got some stuff from the outlet online and now wants to return it didn't like the colors..go here is my question...she can return it to the boutique?, and what is MC? :confused1: lol..Thanks!
  12. She can but will only get merchandise credit (MC) lol. Or she can exchange
  13. Can I return an time that purchased a year ago? With receipt, with original price tag, never use. I have 3 bags still in new condition, two purchase a year ago in outlet store, and one was half year ago online sale.
  14. you sure can...i returned a bag that was sitting in my closet for 2 yrs..i didnt have a receipt as it was a gift but the tag was still on and they returned it and gave me mc..
  15. Thanks for your reply!