Coach Outlet LOVER!!

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  1. Hi Everyone... I don't know if you all remember but I was the one from nowhere South Dakota who was traveling to Florida the following week. I couldn't decide whether I should spend my shopping day going to the outlet or boutique. Well, with feedback from all of you I went to the outlet. OMG! I loved it. The SA's were so helpful and non pushy.

    I ended up walking out of there with the Ergo in Vachetta leather for just over 300.00 and the signature tote for about 120.00. Both were marked down and then an extra 30 percent off the clearance price. I also bought a couple of pony tail scarves to go with them. I am in heaven! I love them so much that I'm walking around the house with them with nowhere to go!

    Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I love Coach!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your purchases! I'm from nowhere, SD too! LOL! It's definitely a treat to get to go to the outlet (and boutique!) when they're so far away! I have the hobo in vachetta and love it! It's a fabulous bag! Post pics for us!!
  3. Congrats! I'm from Montana where even our Macys doesn't carry Coach (so I feel your pain). Luckily I get to travel with my husband a 4-5 times a year (he works for a .com company out of California) so I get my Coach fix in that way. We're going to Vegas (again) in two weeks (two weeks from tomorrow!!) and I CAN'T WAIT to get to those outlets!!! I'm really going to go crazy and get all my Christmas shopping done. (we have three teen daughters) I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll have an amazing selection.

    I'm thrilled for your purchase!!!
  4. Excellent! I just recently visited the Coach outlet for the first time too and like you, I am so hooked. Can't wait to go back!
  5. Congrats on your great purchases! I am from Florida and usually go to the outlet at Ellenton. That one always has all the hard to find items. I love going there and usually will walk away with something. You need to posts some pix now. ;)
  6. Shim... yeah, not a lot of choices in SD for coach. In fact, none! Macy's used to sell coach
  7. Congrats!!! I love my factory store! The SA's are awesome and everytime I go I walk away with something. I'm so bad lol!!
  8. Shim... yeah, not a lot of choices in SD for coach. In fact, none! Macy's used to sell Coach in Sioux Falls but now I only see Dooney and Bourke. My husband thinks I've become obsessive with Coach purses. I'm afraid he's right! I love 'em! I guess I'm not sure how to post pics.. any pointers?
  9. YAY for great finds! i love the outlet too. the sa's are always extra nice. can't wait to see pics of your purchases...
  10. congrats!!! post pics!!!! :smile:
  11. congrats! the coach outlet is so much fun, but it's always so difficult for me to walk out empty-handed! lol, i live in california, and we have 2-3 outlets here in northern california. they really are the best! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats! I recently went to my only outlet in NJ and I was in absolute heaven!! Walked out with so much stuff, and even have stuff put away for some of my holiday presents! My only complaint is my outlet is a 3 hour drive - probably actually a good thing or else Id be there on a weekly basis!
  13. Sounds like you had a great time at the outlet! They are the best! Enjoy your new things!

    We would love to see pictures!!
  14. um, yeah. where are the pictures? Love shopping at outlets! I always find good stuff!
  15. I would love to post pictures but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. When, and if I do, I'll be sure to post!