Coach Outlet line update

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  1. Hi, I'm not sure whether this should be under the Coach Outlet stickie, so I'm putting it here...just wanted to update the Coach fans out there about what's out and what's coming out at the outlets!

    First of all, here's a quick update on good sale items that I found:

    -all of the pastel optic line (the signature line that featured the bee embellishments) is an extra 40% off, a good deal if you like the line

    -all of the Coach Hamptons weekend bags from this summer are also 40% off, the totes were coming up at about $65, a steal! They were in black, white, and tan.

    -the outlet patchwork bags for this summer were on sale and so were a lot of tye dye signature pieces. The bags in the tye dye collection were white and gold and ranged from about $100-$150, and the patchwork bags were all around $200

    Here's an update on the outlet bag lines:

    -Coach currently has three outlet-only bag lines out on the floor. One is a variation on Coach's brown patchwork poppy bags from a few years back. I'm not a big fan, the original bags were much nicer :blah: (IMO). The next is a variation on last year's Chelsea bags, done in a nappa leather. Nice colors for fall, I remember a moss green, a dark brown, a plum, and a black. The third and best IMO is a repeat of Coach's pocket satchels from last year, done in deep brown leather, brown signature (really nice), white, beige suede, and mauve suede. The pocket satchel is such a nice bag, and all the colors were beautiful for fall. The manager said that the line will go on sale over Labor Day weekend if anyone is interested!

    -The manager showed me a few bags to "preview" Coach's upcoming outlet lines. Coach is putting out a smaller version of last year's Hamptons Carryall in black, it's really cute! I may go back for one, I love my big Carryall. The line also includes the wedge-shaped demis that Coach always stocks in red, black, deep brown, and teal. Cute so far, but THEN I saw the monstrousity!! The big outlet line for late fall will feature the Coach Pleated Hobo, which is a beautiful bag, done in the WORST leather I've ever seen on a Coach bag :throwup: ! It was shiny like plastic and really thin, it was GROSS. I was so disappointed because I love that bag. The manager whipped out a Coach Pleated Hobo that had been transferred from a full-price store so I could compare, and there's just no comparison at all. The full price bag was gorgeous (so gorgeous that I bought it :tender: ), and the outlet bag was yuck, even the manager thought so.

    So be careful if you're planning on picking up a Coach Pleated Hobo on eBay, do it now before the gross ones come onto the market.

    Also, in an interesting new development, Coach will be giving out dustbags with their outlet-only bags. The outlet dustbags are white with brown drawstrings and a brown font. Just thought I'd let ya know, if I had seen one on eBay I would have assumed it was a fake!
  2. woo-hoo! bees! I want some bee stuff!! I hope they have some at woodbury commons when I go!
  3. I got myself the bee stuff already cause they're selling out fast. I am trying ot get the silver dusted pleated hobo if it's 40% off. That wasn't one of the pleated ones you were talking about right? The outlets I go to sold out of the hamptons stuff last July 4th weekend but maybe there will be the newer version this time around I guess. I can't wait til Labor Day weekend!
  4. Oh shoot. I drive right by my outlet tomorrow on the way to school. Should I stop in or not?!
  5. ^^^Haha, well of course I'm going to say yes!! Stop in and see if they've got any of the Hamptons Weekend bags, those are a real deal. I think the hobos were even cheaper than the totes. I loooove the outlets!
  6. Kathyrose, I wasn't talking about the dusted pleated hobos, those are really lovely. The outlet versions of the pleated hobo only came in black and brown from what I saw, though I'm guessing there's a white one too.
  7. same!:yahoo:
  8. Thanks so much for the helpful info.!
  9. Okay, whew! Just making sure! I know which ones you're talking about. I just wasn't sure if the dusted ones were also what you were talking about. I can't wait!

    Thanks for the update!
  10. Guys, if you have the number to the outlet and know the name or style number you can call them ahead and save yourself the trip just in case they don't have what you want. This works well if you have several outlets near you.
  11. oohhh I want Bees too. But, since it's almost Fall I wasn't planning on getting the bees anymore but the denim patchwork demi or tote. Did they have any of them?? The smaller carry-all sounds great b/c the bigger one was too large for me. Is it braided? Too bad I'm in a purse purchasing ban b/c of my financial being.:crybaby:
  12. I saw the large signature pieces, a silver tote and something smaller at the Prime Outlets in Orlando. I love the large signature so I wanted to give you all a heads up!
  13. Haha, even if they didn't have what I was looking foward I would still head down there to see what goodies they have!
  14. Me too!
  15. This is awesome news! Now I don't have to buy the brown ones off eBay just to clothe my outlet bags. Can't wait to head out there for the Labor Day sale next weekend!