Coach Outlet Legit site?

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  1. I have heard none are except coach's own outlet site and stores such as Macy's.
  2. is the only official outlet website. Purchasing from others is at your own risk.
  3. Nope. There are pictures of authentic Coach bags, but there are also pictures of fakes. Avoid this.
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  4. is the official website although is a legitimate redirect to it, so either will do. But I believe these are the only two urls for it.
  5. Nothing there but fakes - avoid!
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  6. Thank you guys!! :heart:
  7. I know this is an older post, wish I would have found it earlier and saved myself some pain. I recently purchased a bag from Admittedly I have never purchased a Coach bag so ordering online probably wasn’t the best idea. Well the bag and wallet arrived today. At first glance I thought it was a pretty bag. As I began to investigate the leather did not feel the same quality as my other bags. The workmanship is a little off but not horrible and (big alarm) there also wasn’t a dust bag for storage included. When I inquired I was told that these bags were sold at such a reduced price that storage bags were not included. The alarms that had been sounding were now blaring. Did I stumble into a back alley store? I’ve been had. Seems as though this is not a legitimate sight. I guess it serves me right, if it seems to good it probably is right! I’m interested to see if they refund my money after I return this “somewhat inferior product” or if I will have to address it with the bank. Buyer beware, this does not appear to be a legitimate site. Hopefully I can save at least one person from repeating my mistake. If you want an original don’t buy from
  8., as posted earlier, is a legit site for the Coach Outlet. They sell Factory bags and a limited selection of deletes.

    Oh and Factory bags don’t come with dust bags. Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks for the note. Maybe I just received a bad bag and hopefully that means I won’t have a problem with the return. I must not understand “factory bag” concept as any designer bag I have purchased rather on sale or not was a higher quality and came with storage bag. Thanks for the note of approval for this site, maybe Coach just isn’t for me
  10. Also, the made for factory (mff) bags are often not the same quality or type of leather as used for the full price store.
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  11. Carterazo is absolutely correct, many newer types of Coach leather are NOT the same feel or quality as the older bags, and there are a ton of posts in these forums on that subject. If you don't like what you bought you have 30 days to return it. Dustbags aren't included either unless you get VERY lucky and get a Delete from one of the full-price stores but usually those dustbags are removed when they arrive at the outlet.

    Don't make assumptions on what Coach or any other brand should or shouldn't be based on previous experience. Times change and companies re-source materials and try to save on manufacturing costs. In the last two months I've probably read reviews of at least 100 products of all different kinds from food items to computer accessories on Amazon's website that I've owned or tried before, and at least 75 percent of them had a large number of negatives and neutrals saying basically "Not the same product as I remember from 2 or 3 years ago" - cheaper construction, more fragile, tastes different and not in a good way, that sort of thing. When companies try to save money, or allow their reps or plant managers in China or other lower-cost manufacturing countries to change production standards to save money, quality is going to suffer.

    Most buyers find the outlet items from Coach perfectly acceptable for what they cost, but in most cases they're not going to be the same leathers they were before. Buyers need to research what they're buying. Crossgrain and some other Coach leathers have been criticised as "plastic-y" and many have been returned by purchasers thinking they were fake. They're not, they're just different. Search these forums and research before you buy..
  12. How do you get on to be able to buy things from the coach outlet site i have out my email in 2 times and i still havent been able to? Any suggestions
  13. The first time I ordered from Coach outlet online the bag I received I would have thought was counterfeit as compared to last time I bought anything from Coach. The quality had significantly decreased. I also didn't realized it was crossgrain leather which I had never seen before so at first I thought it was plastic.

    I love the chain crossbodies but the edge coating is very sloppy and there was no hangtag and the hardware said Coach (which they didn't used to do). Now I really like the bag I bought but at first I thought the same thing as you.

    Sometimes the 1941 bags from regular Coach show up on These bags will be more similar to the Coach you remember.

    They still have pebble leather items occasionally on I think the Faye MFF line is high quality; much better than the crossgrain and coated canvas items. I have also been happy with the leather key fobs I have purchased on the site. Good luck!
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