Coach outlet in Tullalip


Nov 29, 2006
I am going to the Coach outlet next week in Tullalip - anything good?

I swung by in October and there was hardly anything there. I'm looking for a big carry on bag. Like the old Hamptons weekend medium tote. I had mine stolen at the beach that summer. But, something along the lines of that size. I recall the tullalip location having a lot of smaller bags.

If anyone has been there recently let me know what to expect:smile:
Sometimes Burlington outlet (about 20 mins before Tulalip) has better stuff and is way less busy. Check that one out first and then go to Tulalip...they have some similar stuff and some different.
I'll be dying to hear how your visits to the Tulalip and Burlington outlets go, Sheishollywood and La Pucelle, if you end up going. I'm in Vancouver and really want to visit them but still haven't had a chance.
I was just at this outlet this past weekend but didn't see anything good. In fact most of the items they had on sale for addtl 20% off last week weren't on sale anymore. Maybe they'll have something better after the holidays.