Coach outlet in Toronto? Or even Canada?

  1. I know by looking at the Coach website that there are only two Coach stores in all of Canada:sad: and they both are on opposite sides of the country! I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any outlets in the Toronto/GTA region or even in Canada at all? The Yorkdale location is close to me but I love the idea of having an outlet near by too! They should get more Coach stores up here!:yes:
  2. Hello, i live in the GTA area and i'm fairly certain that there are now coach outlets in Ontario. The closest one would be the Niagara Falls outlet centre, just across the border. Good Luck.
  3. I agree - there are no outlets in Toronto. The closest Coach outlet is across the border in Buffalo. It's also a fairly good one since it carries both signature and leather items. Half of my Coach collection is from there! The other half is from NYC...
  4. i never knew about a coach outlet in buffalo, great! i now know where to hunt down for a good bargin! yeah, i remember there is a coach boutique in yorkdale and there were like a ton of people in there, i tbought that there would be more boutiques around the GTA area. if i recall, Holts has a small section for coach too!
  5. No need to go over the border anymore for the Coach outlet!!
    There is now one that just opened at the Lundys Lane outlets.

    The line up was insane today because i believe it is brand spankin new!

    Happy Shopping!

    Horizon~ :biggrin:
  6. There is a new outlet that opened up last month in Niagara Falls on the CANADIAN side. There is also one in Windsor, Ontario.

    For the GTA, in addition to the Yorkdale boutique, there is one in the Eaton Center, Sherway Gardens, Square One, and Bloor Street.
  7. opps, my apologies, I didn't realize this was an old thread!
  8. Hi horizoncarrie, noticed that was your first post - welcome!

    Check out this thread in the Coach Shopping section -- all about the Niagara Falls outlet:

    Did you pick up any goodies? You should post about them!

    It opened up March 13th. I guess the line was so long since it's the first long weekend it's been open!
  9. Didn't know there was one on the Canadian side - got to check that out this year. The closest store for me is Promenade location.
  10. There is also a location at fairview mall.
  11. ^ There isn't a Coach at Fairview Mall
  12. i really hope they don't open an outlet in Toronto. everybody and everybody's cousin will be wearing Coach -- i'm quite happy that it's still a 2hr trek from Toronto.
  13. Everybody and everybody's cousin is already wearing fake Coach, lol
  14. yup i hear that == that's why i'm moving towards the leather items.
    i saw a HORRENDOUS chocolate carly today. the brown wasn't even that rich brown.. it was like..... yuck.
  15. I just got back from Niagara, and picked up a beautiful handbag for $ 99 (regular $398). It wasn't very busy, but the discounts were great, and lots to choose from. Happy to have found that store! :yahoo: