coach outlet in orlando..

  1. At the coach outlet in orlando, you save from 20% upto 40% off the outlet prices. I dont know how long the sale is going on for though. I went there today. Clearance is an extra 20% off the clearance price. my bag was only 112 dollars, but it was my first coach purchase and i am poor :smile: Dooney also had a good deal on the grape large tassel zip top "it" bag for $71. They had a sale on the quilted handbags, upto 60% off retail price :smile: This was at the Chlesea Premium Outlet Mall in Orlando.

  2. It is a beautiful bag, congratulations!!

    I was at that outlet in September and picked up a couple of things. They had a great selection then, but unfortunately there was no sale going on that day:sad:.
  3. thanks!!!! im super excited about my purchase, i cant stop smiling :smile::smile::smile: Yeah i was lucky that there was a sale. Thats probably why it was a madhouse in there, and people snatching handbags off the shelf why you are trying to look at them.
  4. Yummy bag, congrats!
  5. I love coach too. What a beautiful bag. Cograts!
  6. I have been there also on vacation, and the prices were sick! They have a large selection. I also recommend the Dior outlet, it just opened when we got there. I purchased the logo bag similar to the LV speedy bag for 240.00! I was so happy I could not think straight. I also bought some Marc Jacobs, not MARC for 90.00 that Neimans had for 280.00. They said the Barneys outlet only carrys up to dat items, nothing past season.