Coach Outlet in Oregon

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  1. I went to the Coach outlet on the Oregon coast (Tangers Outlet Mall) yesterday and they had a TON of signature items. I just thought I would give everyone the heads up. There were so many mini sig items that I couldnt believe it. Plus, they had the Optic Sig in Pink and Yellow (GORGEOUS). While I was there I picked up a new dog collar for my youngest pooch. He ate his previous one so I am determined not to pay full price for one. I will try and give him a bath (he is filthy from playing outside yesterday - am convinced he rolled around in a pile of dirt:rolleyes: ) and then take some pics. :upsidedown:
  2. Can't wait to see the doggy collar!

    There's a Tanger Outlet near me, but unfortunately it doesn't have a Coach store = (
  3. Oh I would love to see the collar. At my outlets they only have small collars, I would atleast need a large for my pitbull (just for decoration) or an extra extra small for my chihuahua. Unfortunate for me I would have to pay retail just to get it.
  4. Wow, how much were the signature items if you recall? And did they have any tote bags?
  5. My boys are APBTs as well. :yes: They fit in the Large size (on the last hole). Luckily the outlet over here carries the larger sizes. Sorry I have been lax about posting pics. I havent been at home recently. I will try and do some updating tonight.