Coach outlet in NY?

  1. I live in Brooklyn-where is the Coach outlet? I am not an outlet shopper and have no clue.
  2. I know there is one at Woodbury Common. Not sure about Riverhead LI.
  3. There is a Coach outlet in the Riverhead Tangier Mall. You take the LIE to the last exit and it merges right in front of the outlet center. They are also talking about building another outlet center by Deer Park. It's worth going, they have an Off 5th, and Cole Haan outlet there too.
  4. There's a coach outlet at tanger mall and one in woodbury.
  5. Is there a specific bag you're looking for. I was just at the coach outlet at woodbury commons.

    They had the hamptons weekend collection, a bunch of leather bags, a patchwork design that looks similar to last year's (around this time) ......that's all i noticed.
  6. Right... that's it... I'm super jealous. We have 1 half a*sed Coach store in a DFS Galleria duty free in Sydney and that is the only place to buy Coach. No free standing store... no outlet.... stopping rubbing in the fact that I live on the other side of the planet and there is nothing here!

    Anyone wanna do some shopping for me???

    You know - it's probably a good thing otherwise I'd be broke! :smile:
  7. Thanks for the info ladies-hubby says we won't be driving out to any of the outlets mentioned for a very long time-it seems our weekends are booked :sad:

    I would love a Coach wallet.