Coach outlet in Lake George N.Y .??

  1. Hi there,
    I was just told there was an outlet in LG, NY.. Is this true ??
    If so, where can I find it??

    Also has anyone been there recently , any comment ont their prices and stock ??

    TIA !!
  2. Yup, its there, it's pretty close to the Great Escape theme park. My grandparents live in Schroon Lake, so, I go up there between 1-3 times a year or so...last time I was there tho, it was last July, but, I got some great deals on some stuff! LOL!
  3. wow..
    thanks for the speedy answer....
  4. Best part about that outlet is they carry signature styles.
  5. haha, np ;) Lake George is like a second home to me, I grew up in Glens Falls and moved to VA when I was 8, so, I try to go back as often as possible :yes:
  6. The lake george outlet is 10 mins from my house but they HARDLY ever carry good men's things but it's clearance section is really great because it's less picked over than other outlets.