Coach Outlet In Key West, Florida?

  1. I was in Key West last year and browsed around in a Coach store there, on Duval Street (I went in with a friend of mine - this was before I knew about Coach). Anyway, we are going back again in May...I am trying to figure out if that store is an OUTLET?!?! Does anyone know? I tried to do the Store Locater on and nothing comes up in Key West (or ANY "Key"), so I am thinking it may be an Outlet. I remember it seemed like there were lots of sale signs/sections there.
  2. Thank you, Indigowaters! I checked it out and visited the Outlet Find website. NOTHING showed up in ANY of the Florida Keys. This is SO WEIRD?!!?? I know there is one there...I was there only 10 1/2 months ago. Too weird.
    If anyone else has info on this Coach Store...PLEASE let me know!!
  3. Okay, I googled "Coach Key West" and I found info about a store there at 517 Duval Street. However, one link says it's an OUTLET and the other just says "a Coach store" Sooooooo???? Guess I'll just have to wait till the end of May and check into it myself! I hope I make a HAUL!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. It is an outlet. I was there a year ago and it was an outlet. Not very big as I recall. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!
  5. There's a Coach OUTLET in Miromar shopping mall in Bonita Springs/Miromar/Naples, FL. I used to practically LIVE at that outlet mall. I just moved away from SW Florida.
  6. I was at the Key West Coach Store 2 summers ago and I'm pretty sure it is an outlet. It seems like there wasn't any signature stuff ,however, which is weird, because there isn't a retail store anywhere near there. I'm soooo jealous. Key West is one of my favorite places on earth!
  7. I have not been to Key West in 2 years but there was a Coach outlet on Duval street.. I spent an hour or so in there shopping.. In my opinion its the very BEST shopping in Key West!
  8. Awesome!! I am counting down the weeks till we go (end of May)!!! I am just going to have to MAKE myself NOT spend money until I can GO CRAZY there! :yahoo:
  9. Don't know when this thread was started but I was at this Coach Outlet last week (Feb 29th, 2008) The prices are about 1/2 the MSRP. I bought a Chelsea Leather Field Bag, MSRP $348 for $149. I've checked the bag out and even on eBay the starting bid is higher! I wish I had paid more attention and bought more stuff! They have a pretty good selection of bags and wallets. It definitely is an outlet and I wish I could find one closer to home!
  10. The one in the Keys is any outlet and the next closer outlests are is in the Dolphin Mall and then Sawgrass. The one in the Dolphin Mall is new.

    If you want stores I could list them too, and some of the SA I know in the differnet ones near me in Miami.
  11. I got my Coach sunglasses there 2 years ago at a great price and a bag for my niece, they had some great bags and some great sales.
  12. This makes me so happy! We are going to Key West for our honeymoon in December!! My fiance just rolled his eyes at me when I told him i'll be doing some shopping while we're there! Funny, i've been there before but never knew there was a Coach there. I'm excited now!