Coach Outlet in Hong Kong

  1. I heard that there's a Coach Outlet in HK. Is it true? If so, what's the address and how do we get there??

    I'm going to HK in early Apr. Thot I cld include a trip to the outlet in my itinerary. ;)
  2. There is no coach outlet in HK. But there are many fakes on the street. :sad:

    Plus, Coach are much more expensive in Asia than US.
  3. ^^ ITA! Coach are so much more expensive in Asia!

    Just curious, are there any Coach outlets in other countries besides US?
  4. I have a Coach bag that my hubby got at an "outlet" in Asia. He was trying to be sweet and since it was attached to a factory and had a huge sign that said "Coach" he thought he was getting the real thing. After a few months of me not wearing it, he finally asked why. The "um hunny, it's fake" conversation went real well :rolleyes: and he'll no longer be buying ANYTHING name brand in Asia. But there went $40 and now it sits in my closet because I don't want to be all insulting and throw it out or donate it.
  5. I live in Japan, never seen a coach outlet but tons of boutiques. Bags are nearly double to triple the price...of coach in the US

    BTW, not all countries in Asia have fakes being sold all over the streets...
  6. Hi,

    Am currently in Singapore and there are coach stores here. But the price is ridiculously higher than US. I miss the outlets back home. Wish I had bought more coach items when I was in US during X'mas time :sad:
  7. there are a lot of GOOD fakes sold in china. just recently a couple of friends acquired fakes that look pretty convincing, I must admit :sad: However, no matter how cheap the prices are, I will NEVER purchase a fake! (just had to declare that)

    And good to know there are NO Coach Outlets in HK since I will be travelling there in June
  8. there is a coach boutique at hong kong airport though. i was there last month.
  9. Wow, I didn't realize that Coach is so expensive in Asian countries. Now I understand why so many eBayers from those countries always ask me if I ship internationally. I had no idea!
  10. help!!!
    i'm going to hongkong this sunday!
    and when i searched in the website for store locator there are about 13 coach stores in hongkong, with 2 located in the airport itself! (west and east wing- most probably mean departure and arrival wing? ) and there are 3 label as DFS ?? anybody know what that means? is it outlet stores or located in retail stores like those in macy's / dillard's sort of?
    can someone please confirm with me are all these locations stated in the website is legit?
    and what is the DFS means?
    and whoever has gone to these stores before, could you please share your experiences?!!
    thanks in advance!!

    p/s: i've read previous posts and yes, coach in asia is expensive but it is known that the cheapest is in hongkong compared to in malaysia and singapore!
  11. There's a thread somewhere that talks about the Coach outlets in Japan. I think the ones in Japan are the only authorized Coach outlets outside of the U.S. I'll try to find it....
  12. Coach is more expensive in Hawaii, too. :sad:
  13. hmm.. why would Coach be listing up these stores in the "store-locator" section in if it's not authorized?
    i have read an article about a huge corner lot 4-storey COACH boutique in Hong Kong Times Square!
    pics taken from flickr!
  14. DFS stands for Duty Free Shops--there are a lot of Duty Free Shops in Hong Kong that sell luxury goods, cosmetics, liquor, etc. that have been exempt from duty, which makes their prices more attractive. I believe there's a limit to how many of each item you can purchase, especially at the airport locations. There are very few Coach boutiques in Hong Kong, but DFS are all over the place, so think of DFS as an authorized dealer of Coach, LV, Estee Lauder, Remy Martin, etc., etc. I believe the selection is rather limited. It would be nice if you can make the time to go to their flagship store in Central, which I'm dying to visit but won't have the chance until next December.
  15. I think she was referring to Coach factory outlets, not the Coach full-price stores.