Coach outlet in Hershey, PA RULES!!!

  1. Hi, girls! I just posted on the Ali support group thread as well...thank you for letting me know that there was a Coach outlet in Hershey! I was able to buy my longed for white Ali, w/ a 50 dollar discount! And she is in PERFECT condition...even more perfect than the bas I have ordered from JAX... The Hershey outlet has a whiskey Ali and a natural Ali and a whiskey Andrea if anyone is interested! Some may be "hiding out in the back as well"... The SA told me they receive one of each color of each bag from JAX since Hershey is so far away from any other boutiques/etc. They display these bags for purchase b/c it's a tourist town! My white Ali was "hidden away" in the back b/c ALL of the SA's wanted her!!! my post in the Ali support Group thread! The SA's in Hershey were VERY nice and helpful! Even gave me a "raincoat" to take Ali home in!!! LOL...Anyway, thank you ALL so much for telling me about this outlet. My hubby and kids were not too thrilled to go shopping on vacation...but oh well!! LOL.. And we went back TWICE!!! LOL read my other thread! NOW.....we are going to Great Adventure New Jersey, in August....any Coach outlets/boutiques there???????? LOLOLOL :yahoo:
  2. Oooooo...Awesome find! Congrats & enjoy her! :yes:
  3. When did you see these? I just called, and they said they didn't have any Ali's nor Andrea's, and that they never get any Ali's unless they are a customer return.
  4. The white Ali is gorgeous! What a great bag congrats!
  5. There is an outlet near Great Adventure and I know there is one in Atlantic City, NJ
  6. Wow, great find! I've never seen any Ali's, or any other Legacy leathers at my outlet.
  7. Mommyville, if you don't mind me asking, how much was Ali in the outlet? I also picked up the white in the Tannersville outlet, without checking the price:tdown: , I was too busy chatting with the SA ! When I got home I realized I could have gotten it cheaper with my PCE:yes: so back it goes.
  8. Very nice! Im thinking the ali is a must have. We have a black ali here in our Cabazon outlet and its in primo condition.
  9. I was there the first time on July 3rd and the Ali's were there...then I went back on the 4th to pick up white Ali and there was the whiskey Andrea ....tell them that they are hanging up on the manequins (sp?) on the left side of the store when you walk in and you KNOW they are there b/c I SAW THEM there.....they are THERE!!!!! I spoke extensively to a VERY sweet SA (I didnt get her name) and she said they get ONE in of each bag/color to display and sell since they are in a tourist town. Maybe you spoke to an SA who wasnt very knowledgeable? I would call back and tell her they are the all leather bags hanging on the manequins shoulders on the left side of store (when you walk in)!!! Keep me posted and good luck!!!!
  10. I got her for $50 dollars off, plus PA tax, I think she came to around $475-480 w/ the tax. I know it was cheaper w/ PCE, but I didnt get a PCE card, and I REALLY wanted this bag NOW!!! I thought about waiting for Sept PCE but then I said, what if I NEVER get a PCE card!!!!!! I have NEVER gotten one before!!! So my odds are pretty low :tdown: Since we live in NY, I bought her thinking I would get ALOT of use w/ her for the remainder of the summer!
  11. PLEASE let me know where the outlet is near Great Adventure!!!! We went to Atlantic City in March and I went to the Coach boutique in the Caesar's hotel! They were out of the Carly I wanted in there though so I was BUMMED!!!!! Is there an outlet in Atlantic City as well?? Please tell!!!!!! LOLOL
  12. The outlet in AC is near the Convention Center. I haven't been *yet* myself, but my MIL lives near there.

    I didn't know there was a Coach outlet at the Jackson NJ outlets, it must be new.
  13. Forgot to tell you this outlet, there was also a white hippie Ali REAL cheap...I think it was $249 and then 30% off but dont quote me on that!!!! I would have bought that, but I dont like the over the head strap!!!! I always feel like it is going to STRANGLE me!!! LOL..anyway, didnt know if anyone was interested in that bag! Also LOTS of siggy medium duffles for approx. $130. There was a legacy french framed wallet to match my new white Ali for $70 bucks!!!! BUT it had an ink line on it...but if anyone knows how to get that out, it's a GREAT buy! This was a fantastic store. NOTHING like my outlet in Riverhead!
  14. I was to the Coach outlet in Atlantic City in the fall.
    It is kind of small , and I didn't really find much of the boutique items there at the time. It may be different now tho. I would go if I were in the area, but I would not make a trip there just for that outlet.:tdown:
  15. I agree don't make a special trip just for the Coach Outlet, in Atlantic City. If it was an overall trip just for shopping then your trip wouldn't be wasted. There are other great "outlet" stores to visit to like Gap, Polo, Guess, Jockey.