Coach outlet in Gilroy, CA? anyone been there?

  1. I just read some bad reviews from that store on yelp. Has anyone been there?

    The reviews state that the best deal anyone finds is 20% extra off on the really old styles. They also sad they barely have anything.
  2. I don't frequent the outlets enough to know how they rate against the other outlets, but I went once this past summer and it was a zoo. Granted, it was a weekend day, so it probably wouldn't be as bad during the week, but it seemed pretty disorganized. There were lots of sales people, but many didn't know exactly where things were and pricing policies. I was specifically looking for Legacy pieces, but since they were relatively new, there weren't that many. There were a fair number of ergo items though...lots of wristlets, a few scarves and quite a few "classics" (Station Bags, Janice's Legacy, Court and Willis bags)...

    OTOH, a few days later I went to Vacaville right when they opened on a Sunday and it was blissful - not as crowded and they had a better selection, IMO. I haven't been to the Napa one in ages, but I heard that the selection there isn't quite as good due to the size of the store....and the one in Carmel, CA had quite a few pieces for men (briefcases, wallets, etc.) when I went last time...
  3. I've been to both Gilroy and Vacaville in the past couple of months and I like them both for different reasons.

    I like Gilroy because it's a lot bigger than Vacaville's. I've gotten pretty lucky there, too, scoring scarves that were $15 or less and their clearance section can be pretty decent if you go mid week.

    However, VV is nice too because they have a lower tax rate-- 7.375, gilroy is 8.25. Anything helps, right? And off topic, they're adjacent to Burberry. I could spend hours at just those two stores alone.:p
  4. Carmel had a big selection when I was there last month. Napa is really small and didn't have much. I am really wanting to go to Petaluma but have not had enough time to go there yet, darn work! :lol: I haven't been to Gilroy yet either.
  5. I really like the Gilroy store and they have a lot of variety just most of the time it's not stuff i'm crazy about. I'm going there tomorrow so i'll see what they have.
  6. Hey katie please let me know if they have anything good, like a mini skinny or keychains?

  7. Oh I just posted this question in the Coach Shopping section. I think you gals can help.

    Which store has the best Signature selection - Vacaville, Gilroy or Petaluma?
  8. opps i guess i posted in the wrong section, i wonder where this post went lol
  9. I like the gilroy outlet, I got my turquoise ergo there. They do not carry much in the way of signature but they do usually have some good looking bags.
  10. turquoise lovely color that would have been my leather ergo choice if i didnt find the sig.

    do they have mini skinnys? or key chains? if yes how much
  11. did anyone go this weekend?
  12. They've got a bunch of zodiacs, picture frames, tennis shoes, owls, and the breast cancer key rings. The cute pink stars and sigs one I got was $24.

    They have a lot of cute accessories- contact and pill cases for example. I don't recall any mini skinnies, but I'll be stopping by tomorrow since I start my new job down at the outlets tomorrow. Wonder where my paycheck will be? :graucho:
  13. UPDATE: Bunch of new goodies in from just a few days ago.. They've got a few brown sig mini skinnies left ($29), brown sig coin purse keyfobs, egro tote keyfobs.

    keep in mind that I am new to Coach so I don't know all the specific names yet:s-and I don't really care for anything signature- they had some champagne colored patchwork bags (all sizes) as well as merlot colored patchworks. A TON OF LEATHER BAGS AND GOODS! If you're looking for leather Gilroy is the place to be right now. I was particularly interested in some that looked like this:

    but w/ a more pebbled appearance (?) They had some beautiful lavender and black and white versions. Tons of leather in the clearance section also, tan egros specifically!
  14. i really like the Gilroy outlets! They don't carry much signature, but they have a huge store and a good selection. i always head straight to the discount center in the back left of the store. That is where the big finds are. i've purchased a turquoise ergo, a chocolate slim flap, a whiskey hippie, a sig stripe cosmetic case, an eyeglass case that I use for pens, etc. And the SA's that I've had helping me have always been really nice. you should go!
  15. oh wow nice.. yeah i am more into the sig stuff now. but the leather is so nice.. i really want a ergo fob to match my ergo!! its 38 miles from me.. and im sick!! omg.. =(