Coach outlet in Freeport, Maine

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  1. Thank you so much! WOW--those totes are an amazing price!
    I hope they have the large audrey wristlets!
  2. Dawn if you don't mind could you ask about these for me--TIA

    Madison Floral Print Large Wristlet Style 45433 silver/pink multicolored ( this is like the watercolour sophia)

    AUDREY PERFORATED LARGE WRISTLET PATENT ( lagoon or any of the other patent colors)
  3. Hi~Yes, I'am going up in the morning..I would be more than happy to ask about these for you..I wrote them down so I dont forget:smile:

  4. Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate all of your help.
  5. I was there tonite!! There was 1 Madison Python Drawstring( not sure if it was purchased)~Madison water color smaller wristlets 2~Audrey Slim Totes in Gray, navy (I think), and coral~ They were running low on deletes~
  6. Thanks Dawn!
  7. Was your friend able to get the items you wanted? The SA I spoke with said it had been a mad house..They'd put stuff out, and just as fast it'd be gone..I hope you were able to get the items you were wanting.;)
  8. Sigh--she isn't going to get there until tomorrow .I'm sure by then all the good stuff will be long gone! Oh well---
  9. You may get lucky!! They still had stuff to put out today!!So I'm sending luck your way.To at least get the items you wanted!:smile:Let me know~
  10. i *may* be going to freeport tomorrow.. hubby has some stuff to do in portland and then i want to hit up the babies r us (im totally more interested in baby stuff these days vs bags and accessories for myself! gasp!).. if i can finish up in time then i hope to drop by the outlet and see if they have anything good left! im soo bummed that i was away for the entire time that they had the great deleted stock! sigh, hope i get lucky tomorrow!
  11. Stopped in Freeport today. Store was not very busy, 30% coupon at the door. FP deletes were sparse - all I really saw were white and pearl gray laser Sophias, and some Collette wallets. The fob selection was pretty minimal too - pink skulls, the leather snorkel and some silver/blue crystal stars, as well as the usual photo fobs.

    I did get a large gray laser Sophia, and my husband actually pointed out a large teal Ashley with brass hardware in the MFF section that he thought was very nice (and I thought so too, even though I already have a watermelon one and TRY to not buy more than one of a particular purse style!) It's a beautiful color for fall though, couldn't resist.
  12. Thank's for the update..I called the other day to see about a tote for my gf..She loves my audrey inlaid n/s leigh tote...Its the parchment w/ python trim!! When I got mine, it was the only one there. I got the 20% off .(Still worth it to me)

    I bet your sophia and ashley are both Beautiful.Congrat's~:smile:
  13. thanks for the update! do you know if the lasers were 30% or 50%? i might need to make a freeport trip if they were 50%!