Coach outlet in Freeport, Maine

  1. My bf and I stopped by the Coach outlet last week during our trip to Maine...and he ended up buying a leather coat for $321!!!! :nuts: They had some other jackets for men, too. Good gift for Father's Day for anyone looking.
  2. Nice! I think I only saw raincoats at my outlet :sad: I'll have to check again.
  3. Man, you are just such a sad sack with your outlet! You need to move, girl, they keep disappointing you! :lol:
  4. lol I'm serious! No COACH store, outlet keeps breaking my heart. . .sigh. My family is moving to Orlando in September though, and the shopping is much better down there so I hope my luck changes!
  5. How is shopping in Raleigh ? That must be good-any outlet or store there?
  6. Now shopping in Raleigh is fantastic! I dont get out much during the school year though living on campus with no car and all. Raleigh might have outlets, but I dont think it has a COACH outlet. . .I'll have to check. But there's a COACH store in the mall about 15 min away from my campus! And another 45 min away :]
  7. Wow. I was thinking of hitting up the Freeport outlets soon, how was the bag selection??
  8. the selection was ok...they had some cute stuff. i actually didn't find ANYTHING in any of the sad! it was my bf that went crazy. he ended up spending almost $600 at the outlets.
  9. abandoned...i everyone tells me that there are a lot of really good furniture stores in north carolina...any good ones around you?
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me if they have been to this outlet in Maine ? What they have there recently, when they get their shipments in , when is the best day to go etc. I am planning a trip there and would like to make a day trip to this outlet. Thanks !
  11. Does anyone know how the coach outlet is in Freeport, Maine because Im going there next week!
  12. I've shopped at the Freeport outlet for almost 5 years now. Their selection is ok...Kittery is better IMO.
  13. I usually shop in the Wrentham (MA) outlet. It is much larger than the one in Kittery. Have never been to the one in Freeport and I have in-laws who live right near there.
  14. alright, thanks...i dont know if i'll be able to go to Kittery because I wont be in Maine too long about a week but ill see if we can go! I know were going to Freeport
  15. hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone had a chance to drop by freeport anytime recently.. i want to go today or tomorrow but i hope theres something worth it over there, or else the trip will be kind of a waste. thanks!
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