Coach Outlet in Ellenton, Florida (Prime Outlets)

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  1. Does anyone live in this area or near Tampa? I thought this would be a good thread to let each other know what's in the Ellenton Outlet before they make that drive. :biggrin:
  2. Check out the outlet thread up top, you might get better responses up there.
  3. I live about an hour and a half from there. I am making the drive in the next week. Either this monday or next Sunday. Know of any good deals??
  4. I haven't been there in months but I called them Friday about a Scarf Print Tote (which they don't have) and a Signature Carryall. They didn't have the color I wanted (Mahogany) but they did have a Khaki one (I think) for $199.99. Here's the number in case you're looking for something specific first: 941-729-7702
  5. the ellenton outlet was the first one I ever went to :love:
  6. Me too. :biggrin: I went to Orlando after that but they don't have the selection Ellenton does.
  7. has anyone been to the orlando outlets recently? i will be there early March for a holiday - woo who!! and plan to do some legacy shopping. what are my chances of finding them in the outlets? at this point, I would like to buy a leather legacy wristlet, leather legacy shoulder bag and or hippie.

    should I be skipping the outlets and going to the coach stores in orlando....true any money I save would go towards more purchases;)
  8. I am going to the Ellenton outlet tomorrow in the AM. I will let you know what I find and see there.
  9. Bless you! I'm saving up my money to buy my first Signature purse (I only have a black leather one from Orlando and a Signature swing), so I'd like to know what they have in advance. I'm also hoping they have some spring bags from last year.
  10. what are you looking for and I will check to see if they have it?
  11. Anything that's on my wishlist:

    Coach Signature Twill Soho Striped Tote
    Coach Scarf Print tote (pink/brown)
    Coach Signature Medium duffle (khaki/camel or khaki chesnut)
    Coach Signature Carryall tote
    Coach Spring 05 Patchwork Tote​
  12. Was there anything good? Last time I was there I was very disappointed with their selection

    HandbagAshley;1838760]I am going to the Ellenton outlet tomorrow in the AM. I will let you know what I find and see there.[/quote]
  13. Ok this is what they had:

    1. Stitched Signature Soho Hobos-large and small
    2. Signature Soho Braided Hobo- large and small
    3. Lots of flap hobos- leather and mini signature (The black leather one's were $169 plus an additional 20% off) and they're usually 300. They even had the small soho hobo that is on the coach website now for the 169 +20% off.
    4. Camera bag- I got this it was $160...$80 bucks off from the price. This is still on the website too!
    5. Lots of mia's-leather braided and signature. The had the black/silver sig combo that everyone was looking for. They weren't a good price though. $298 I think with an additional 20% off.
    6. They had a couple Zoe's in the legacy stripe and black leather.
    7. They ahd the Signature carryall totes for $178 I think with an additional 20%
    8. They had the tobacco and white hobos with the braided handles
    That's all I can remember. I got the camera bag in the dark brown stripe and a Coach rhinestone keychain. They had a few more things...the main two things that were new were the flap hobos and the mia's from the last time I went (Jan 12th).

    Hope this helps!
  14. OMG! All that signature at those prices. What colors were the carryalls that they had?
  15. Black and Khaki
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