COACH outlet in Destin, Florida.

  1. I doubt anyone on PF is in the area, but the COACH outlet in Destin, FL has the nylon satchels in. The girl told me they just got them in a day or so ago and they're not available on the COACH website anymore if anyones interested.

    Kiari - If you read this, they dont have the baby blue large carryall you wanted :sad: But they have the signature satchel and I think some hobos in that blue.
  2. I didn't know there was a Coach outlet in Destin. Cool :cool: I don't go up to the panhandle much. It is probably much better than the Coach outlet here in Orlando... people are always fighting each other for bags! :shocked: I never go in there on the weekends, it's mayhem.
  3. do you know if all the outlets will have the satchels now? Do you remember how much they were.
  4. Cristina- you're in Orlando? I just went there a few months ago (of course I had to hit the outlets!). Those stores are swamped! Russian vacationers in Puma, British people in Ralph Lauren, and hordes of Asian tourists in Coach! My only complaint was that the lady at Barney's wouldn't put a Marc Jacobs corduroy jacket on hold :mad: - but I went back and bought it anyway! For $140 I couldn't pass it up! :shame: The people in Hugo Boss are so rude though! First, I asked a lady to put a pair of shoes on hold- but when I came back, she'd just put them back on the shelf! Then they wouldn't accept my coupon! :rant: But I still had a great time!
  5. Yep, I'm in Orlando :smile: I know which outlets you're talking about, and it's always mayhem there :shocked: Especially the Coach and Burberry outlets, people are fighting over bags and the lines are out the door :mad: There is another Coach outlet close by which isn't nearly half as crowded and always has a better selection.

    I didn't find anything good in Barneys last time I was there :Push: I've done well at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor, though. That's one thing I'll miss when I move back to West Palm Beach, the outlets here!
  6. I live in West Palm! :biggrin: We're not too far away from Sawgrass Mills, I went there last Monday on my day off. There's also some outlets to the north (Ft. Pierce), they're not as good though.

    I didn't know there were outlets in Destin either. I'm going up there this summer, maybe I'll have to check them out!
  7. How far is the outlets there from Disney? I'm heading to Disney on the first week of June. BF decided we both needed a break from all the craziness that has happened at the first quarter of the year.
  8. One outlet mall (the good one with the Coach, Burberry, Fendi, Dior, Barneys, Escada, Banana Republic, etc.) is right next to Disney - Exit 68 off of Interstate 4.

    The other outlet, which has the better Coach outlet (not as crowded), Saks Off 5th, Ann Taylor, Vans and more is northeast of Disney, on International Drive. It's closer to Universal Studios.

    PM me if you want to, kathy, and I can send you links to the outlet Web sites and give you more info :biggrin:
  9. Sorry Pursefanatic, I'm not sure about COACH outlets everywhere :Push: But here they marked it down to about $189. . .? I think (I know it was a fair good amount off the original price though!). My memory is shaky so dont quote me on that.
  10. Thank you! PMing you now!
  11. Has anyone been here recently? I am going in a couple of weeks and wondering if they have anything good! TIA!
  12. Went last weekend. They had small numbers of a bunch of stuff. Were you looking for anything in particular? In general the delete section is not as good as some other outlets, but it's not horrible.
  13. Really anything in Legacy or Saffiano? Did they have any of the lemon stuff? I won't be there till like the 20th though.
  14. Oh ok, I'm sure everything will be different by the time you get there. They did have yellow and the white/british tan saffiano totes. A couple lemon candaces were left, the lemon Courtenays and Tanners sold out a week or so ago. Tons of perforated legacy items, especially Romys. Lots of bags in bright coral too. Only robin bag was the mini willis. Tons of small legacy accessories.