Coach Outlet Hunts of Fish Fish

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  1. Hi, my name is fish fish. Joined tPF for a few months already as a silent readers, becoming active these couple months. I started to fall in love with coach in November 2008 when I bought my first Coach bag in Carolina Premium Outlet. It was a bag love at first sight.

    My Coach collections have been growing slowly. At the same time, I am liking the idea of visiting different outlets. So far, I have visited Outlets in Smithfield, Vegas, Woodbury, Cabazon, Camarillo, Ontario Mills and Gilroy.

    I am enjoying so much reading all the great reveals of the tPF members on their purchases. This triggers me to want to have my own reveal too.

    Is there anyone who will be interested in my Coach purchases? :blush:
  2. i am!!!! lets see em
  3. Yes! I am
  4. Yes me too
  5. I'd love to see!!
  6. here!!!!!
  7. Here!!!
  8. Ok. Here is the first one to reveal. One of my most recent buy. I have a lot of drama with this bag until I finally got it for good!

    Last Friday, I was attending an opening ceremony in Riverside invited by my friend. On the way back, I was passing my Ontario, so I made a turn into Ontario Mills.

    I got a few things after looking around for an hour. After paying, usually I would just leave the shop. However, I did not know what prompted me, I just decided to take a last look at the shop.

    Immediately, a Gray Patent Payton caught my attention. I don't usually go for gray, although I love silver. Somehow, it was like a love at first sight. I know I have spent a lot that day, but the more I held it, the more it tempted me.

    Then, a nice SA approached me and told me this is the last one. A Coach Archive limited edition. There were many other MFF peytons there, and it immediately showed its shining aura among them.

    So I told myself, if it is more than $300, I will give up.

    It was priced at $349, with 20% off coupon and tax added, the final price was $303. $3 over my budget!

    I looked at the interior, and was attracted by the colorful combination. This can be a great working bag for me in the future. After holding it for a long time and the poor SA just patiencely waiting for my decision, I gave in. Ended up bringing two bags home that night! Luckily, the Hubby was not angry that I went home 1 hour later than I promised.

    The next day, I decided to take a good look at my purchases. That was when I noticed a horrible SCAR! Oh no!!!
  9. nice peyton!
  10. Love it
  11. What an awesome deal! Maybe the scar can be repaired?
  12. pinkdaisy, nope, the scar could not be repaired. I asked already. Going to post the remaining of the story now.
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    I decided to call Ontario Mills, nobody is picking up the phone. My friend was supposed to go to Camarillo with me on Saturday, but then he called to cancel it the last minute and changed it to Sunday. So I called Camarillo to ask if they have the exact model at their store. One of the manager confirmed there are a few. I asked a few times if it is the limited version FP delete, she said yes. So I asked her to hold one for me to pick up on Sunday.

    That day, almost midnight, my friend called me again. Bad karma. He cancelled the Sunday outing again as he has to attend a meeting. I ended up either not going to Camarillo this week, or to go alone as the Hubby did not want to go with me at all. He does not like outlets at all. I decided to go by myself in the end.

    So the next morning, I woke up at 7.30 am. Drove 85 miles to go to Camarillo. On the way, a car almost bumped me from behind due to my fault. Another car gave me a middle finger due to his fault. My GPS stupidly gave me no freeway routine until I figured it out after driving 7 miles. All these were actually bad signs that going to Camarillo was a wrong choice. But I till went.

    I arrived safely. Once the outlet started their business, I happily lined up. The SA took out another gray peyton for me. It was not the one I want! It was a MFF. She told me they only have MFF for this version, though they have the black version in FP delete. I just don't want a black version.

    So, I asked if they can help to call to see other nearby outlets have them. They called back to Ontario Mills. Guess what? They actually have another one in FP delete. The exact one I want! FML!! The SA then explained, as they restocked everyday, sometimes a bag that is out of stock will be refilled again. I immediately asked them to hold for me until Tuesday.

    I was pissed to have to drive two hours for nothing. But I decided to buy something from there.

    I got this gramercy silver leather small wallet to match with the Gray Peyton. There was one Gray Peyton matching wallet, but it was too big for my liking. So I decided to go for this. Best, it was sold at a very good price. While I was lining up to pay, a lady in front of me saw it in my hand, and decided to get herself one too! :P

    I also got a Poppy Patent Wrislet Wallet to match with a new patent bag that I bought. Love this!

    The ocelot lining inside is to heart for.

    Then, I found this ocelot graffiti ponytail with less than $9 after tax!

    After 5 hours in Camarillo, I decided to go to Ontario Mills. Waiting until Tuesday is just too long for me. So, I drove another 95 miles to go to Ontario Mills. I was shocked to see a long line outside the store, as opposed to the very empty condition in Camarillo. It was 5 pm. I had to reach home by 6.30pm for a dinner with our friends. It took me 65 min to actually get to the front of the counter! It was crazy. Most of the people have at least 3-4 handbags in their hands.

    While lining up, I spotted this cute little key fob, which I saw in Camarillo earlier, but was taken up by someone else. I was so happy to see there were still two in Ontario Mills. I actually asked the lady in front of the counter to pass me one before they were gone again.

    The SA that dealed with me was very nice. Her name is Ashley. Not only did she give me the right replacement on my Peyton (FINALLY!!), she also allowed me to do price adjustment on things that I bought a week earlier without any problem (I failed to get price adjustment in Camarillo, they seem to be more strict on this).

    Although it was a rough start for me, it all ended well that night. We were 15 min late to meet friends for dinner, but they were glad I made it in time to join them.

    I broke my record that day driving 200 miles to two different outlets just for a bag!! Was the 12 hrs well spent?

    Looking at it again, I have to say I have no regret. :amuse:

    Sorry for such a long story. I just have to say it out. Thank you for reading. More shorter outlet reveals next time. :smile:
  14. Gray Peyton twins!!! Congrats on your goodies!!
  15. Glad it worked out for you! Enjoy your new purchases!