Coach Outlet Deals

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  1. Stopped in at my local Coach outlet for a super quick trip--literally in and out within 10 minutes....

    Anyways, they've got some GREAT deals. All clearance bags are an extra 30% off. They had some of the bags from the fish/bubble collection that were marked down from the outlet price and then an extra 30% off. They also had a lot of magenta suede, green leather, etc.

    They also had the tortilla bag from about a year ago for $249 in a number of colors--white, black, pink, gold suede. Pencil bags that'd be great makeup bags for $29, normally $59 at the outlet. Wallets weren't more than $109... Keychains ranged from $19-38. They had those crystal ones-studded coach tag style that I think went for about $60+ from Christmas for $38.

    Got a great soho large hobo in vermillion (orange) for $140--the bag was originally $298. Go check it out!
  2. I'm waiting for the fish design to go to outlet. I can't see paying $500+ for it. Especially since most Coach styles hit the outlet within months. I didn't see it at the outlet last time I checked. But if its at the outlet there, maybe it is :biggrin: Thanks for the info!
  3. Oooh.. I can't wait, only 2 more weeks till I hit one !
  4. Wow, the fishie collections are already in the outlets?! I was lusting after the white-leather large tote.
  5. They didn't have the entire collection. I think these might have been "early" things that were sent over. They had the really pretty pale green suede pleated hobo that came out right before the fishies. Then they had the fishy bubble tote, and other fish stuff...
  6. I always loooved the tortilla..i wonder if they will have them at the one near me...

  7. Which one is the fish bubble tote? I'm wondering if thats the one I wanted. Does it have the large Coach Cs and a coral scene?
  8. I don't remember it looking like that. It had what looked like hand-drawn blue bubbles with fish "floating" around. The bubbles were blue on a white background...
  9. Wicked, which Coach Outlet did you do to? I'm hitting Cabazon in 2 wks!

  10. ooo ok, I think I know what you're talking about now :biggrin: Still love the fish though! Maybe I'll call the outlet tomorrow and see what they have.
  11. Wicked, did they have the daphne pocket satchel? Or do you think that one will never go to the outlets?
  12. My BF got me the Madison bag in gold Optic Lurex. I love the Optic Lurex line and he was tryinn to get me a wristlet of each color but that was all they had and he got the last one. I hope to call more outlets that I can go to for the Optic Lurex wristlets.
  13. I've never seen a daphne at the outlet. I think that bag is too "in" right now to wind up at an outlet. At most there might be a random one that winds up at one... Once the bag gets phased out, it'll eventually wind up at the outlets is my guess.

    I've heard that the LV coach outlet carries signature items--does anyone know if this is true?
  14. I went to the one in Carlsbad. Cabazon usually has a great selection too. I think Carlsbad sometimes has good finds because they've got competition with Cole Haan and D&B right across from them--the price points are similar.
  15. Hi - yes, I got a couple signature items at the Las Vegas coach outlet. They usually carry a few of the discontinued colors. The last time I was there, they had the maroon color, and the gold. I thought all coach outlets did!?