Coach Outlet - Day Before Thanksgiving Deals?

  1. I'll be going to a Coach outlet next week the day before Thanksgiving. I was wondering if anyone knows if there will be any good deals that day? I know most deals will be Black Friday but I can't handle getting involved in all that mess, and I try to avoid it. I know a lot of stores are starting to have good deals as early as now and I was just wondering what kind of deals to expect if any next Wed?

    Also what is in the outlets right now? I don't get much of a chance to go to one since it's a 6 hour drive, so i'm not really sure what is there right now. I know most outlets vary, have have different things especially this time of year, things sale fast. I'm dying to know what is there right now in general, what have you seen? Any pretty charms? Anything brightly colored?
  2. I would love to know what the deals will be on black friday. I called my outlet and they wouldn't tell. This is first year I can go shopping on black friday and am pretty excited. If anyone knows, please share. Thanks!
  3. I'm wondering if maybe I should change my shopping trip to black Friday instead of Wed. I just hate to try and fight the crowd and by the time I get there I'm guessing everything would be picked over on B.F. Seeing as how I probably wont get there until 1 P.M. Hate being 6 hours away. Can't wait until we move then I get 2 Coach outlets within 20 minutes of me.
  4. I would not shop on Black Friday even if they were giving it away for free. Glad I have to work that day. Beats shopping...
  5. I never shop on Black Friday. I have gotten better deals after BF.
  6. Last year, it was 30% off and then extra 10% off on black Friday at coach outlets. I remembered there was a SUPER looooooong line and you really had to fight with crowd. I passed to shop last year.
  7. OMG me either- I SLEEP
  8. Last year I didn't shop Coach on BF but heard the line to get in was ridicuolus! I remember I shopped the week before Christmas during the week - Tues, Weds or Thurs - not sure which day, I think it was the 20th but it was a few days before Christmas and it was 40%+30+20% off. I wasn't a member here but I remember the siggy wristlets ended up being $10, some were $15, they were so inexpensive that the kids (tweens) got alot of Coach for Christmas. I behaved myself and just got 1 bag.
  9. I am planning on going tomorrow. I want to get some gloves. It will probably be impossible to park there from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
  10. I agree with the posts above. I don't think there are any Coach deals on Black Friday that are worth the hassle.
  11. They were doing 30% + 10% at my outlet today.
  12. I hope when I go next wed I get that same deal, thats not too bad!
  13. I talked to my outlet and they are opening at 9:00 PM Thursday night.
  14. bump! Mrs. Mac went to her outlet last night and posted a recap in the Deer Park thread. Did anyone else go at opening?

    My outlets opened at 9pm. We went to the Aurora outlet mall and I intended to go to Vera Bradley and Coach, but ended up going only to Vera Bradley because the line there was much shorter. When I walked by Coach around 10:45 pm, the line was ridic so I decided to pass. For anyone familiar with the Aurora outlet mall, the line was at least past Polo Ralph Lauren. I couldn't see where it began and didn't want to find out. Coach Men's had a much shorter line outside, but while I spent a few minutes with DH trying to decide whether it was worth it to get into their line, the line doubled in length so *pass* on that one too.

    As for Black Friday, for the past two years my outlets had the same stuff and the same coupon discount on Wednesday before Thanksgiving as they did on Black Friday, but without the giant crowds and long outdoor lines to get into the store. Last year I waited in line at Aurora on BF, got into the store, and found this to be true. It wasn't worth it. This year, when I went to Pleasant Prairie Wednesday night, the delete selection was PALTRY! The only bag of interest (IMO) was a coral patent Abigail but I didn't love her so she went back to the shelf.
  15. I was wondering if anyone went outlet shopping today. I went out this morning and the mall by me was packed more than ever. There were policemen directing traffic. I didn't hit the outlet and I don't plan on going until way after the holiday season. I go to the pleasant prairie outlet in aurora and its packed on a typical day, I don't doubt it would mental during the holidays.