Coach outlet bicester in uk

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  1. I was wondering any Coach fans in UK which bags do they have from fp stores .My sister said she had seen gathered Linsey my favorite are they older styles any photos?
  2. I haven't been to the Coach outlet in Bicester village, but went to the Coach outlet in La Vallee Village (Paris) last year - not sure how similar the outlets are though!

    Anyway - when I went (Oct 2013) the Paris outlet had a couple of Maggies and Isabelles, and quite a large selection of signature items (that I think were MFF). I remember being tempted by the Isabelle, but I also remember the price they were selling it for at the outlet was more than the price on ebay (NWT, including shipping and customs/VAT costs) so didn't get it in the end. I think the price may have been similar to how much the Isabelles were going for in the current Coach sale (which was around £170) - basically, good for UK prices, but essentially the cost of FP in the US (with PCE)...
  3. Is La Valle near Disney Paris ?
  4. Yup - one RER stop (and a bit of walking through a large shopping centre) from Disneyland Paris