Coach outlet bags?

  1. Hey ya'll. All of the girls at my high school carry Coach handbags, and they all look like the ones I have seen at the outlets (smaller C's, gross hardware, ect. - they look cheap).
    My question is; why does Coach produce these bags if they are only at outlets? Some of these bags have never been in stores, they are tooo ugly. And are the bags still garunteed for life?
  2. Coach does make bags just for its outlets. Also things that don't sell well end up there. Plus you can return from a full price store at an outlet.

    My friend picked up a bag at the outlet that was still in the full price store for about 1/2 off.

    Coach does stand by their product. Heard many stories about things return and fix or replaced by them.
  3. I've bought wallets from the outlets that lasted for years. I guess it's a crap shoot.
  4. There's a Coach outlet near me and I have always joked that it's where ugly Coach bags go to die. :smile: An employee once told me that extra leather, fabric, hardware, ect. is often used to create new bags just for the outlet so that the materials don't go to waste. There have been a few times that I've visited the outlet right after they received a shipment of discontinued bags from the Coach store and it's like hitting the jackpot. My favorite find was a Mandy Courier is Whiskey and it was more than 50% off! I snatched that baby up!
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  6. if they look cheap... are you sure they are real?
  7. Yeah, these girls arn't smart enough to know where to get a knock off. Haha. A good knock off.

    It is just suprising that Coach would produce so many bags for cheaper and still stand by them. There have been some good bags there, once in a while. I don't usually go. The nearest one is about an hour or two away.
    Does anyone know if there are certain Coach outlets with the higher end Coach bags? Including the mens line?
  8. A company should stand by everything they make- not just the expensive stuff.

    I've only been to a few outlets, but they all had mens stuff. The one I go to is in a pretty small town but it has a lot of men's briefcases, portfolios, and tons of wallets.

    I am not sure what specifically you're looking for ("higher end"- do you mean the bags from full retail?) but the outlets get anything deleted from the regular stores and also any returns that people make there. A lot of people here have snapped up carlys that were returns at the outlet! But as far as what's at any particular outlet- its really hit or miss. It depends on when they got their shipment, who's been making returns, how many people have bought the bags already, etc.
  9. I don't understand the cheap and gross hardware comments. The hardware on the outlet Soho line is the same as my full priced soho items. I also got a $498 ali at my outlet for $240. Some of the outlet exclusive items are really cute. Last time I was at the outlet they had 2 red leather carlys, one was a large, the other a medium, they always have ergos, they happened to have a large brown patent ergo when i was there. Sometimes if they are far from where you are and you call they will tell you if they have something in particular and they will hold it for you. I have also found that the SA at the outlets are very helpful in trying to locate what you want. At least at my outlets. They also always have a large selection of mens items. I actually love going to the outlet more so than the boutique, I usually find exactly what I want and can buy even more!
  10. Outlets carry both deleted boutique product and outlet-only bags. The bags produced for outlet may not be your style, but they are produced with the same hardware, same quality and carry the same guarantee as boutique product.

    I sometimes shop outlet when I know that a certain boutique line is headed there. I've purchased Legacy and Bleecker items there for much less than retail. I've never purchased a bag or accessory from the outlet-only lines, but that is because I am usually so focused on finding deals on specific boutique lines!
  11. ITA!! Outlet bags are the same quality as boutique bags!! If they look cheap they can't be Coach.
  12. ^^ Yeah, fakes are rampant. I would say its MUCH easier to get a fake than the real deal. There are kiosks and back alley sellers and purse parties!
  13. A lot of the bags I've seen at the outlets do NOT look as good as the ones in the stores. I think it's the mini cs like the original poster said thats bothersome. I hate the mini cs, even on something as small as a wristlet. MAYBE a miniskinny, but thats about it. Cheap hardware though? I thought it was typically the same.
    Their outlet made accessories however, such as a swingpack or a wristlet are usually a lot more boring then the ones at the boutiques
  14. I agree. I am betting these are fakes.
  15. Agreed. You may not like the mini-sig (and I know a lot of people don't) and that the outlet bags can be boring but they do not have cheap hardware :nogood: