COACH Outerwear... Help Needed!

  1. Hi Girls,

    Just wondering if you could help me... Im thinking of ordering either a Coach Suede or Leather jacket, but I am unfamillier with the US sizes :confused1:

    Has anyone ever ordered Coach jackets who could help me to determine what size I should order? Im a UK size 8, which, I think is either a size 4 or size 6 US :shrugs: ... If anyone of you girls is a size 8 UK and ever ordered Coach outerwear, could you tell me what size you went for?

    I was also thinking that if someone has a Coach Legacy lether jacket or suede jacket, could you please just measure the shoulders and bust and kindly let me know what it is in centimeters?

    Thank you in advance :yes:
  2. i don't know how to tell you this, because i'm not familar with UK sizes that much either, but the coach jackets do run rather large IMO, i have the walking coat, and the smallest size is a 2 (no 0s ever..which is wierd..they also rarely have XS if at all)

    i have the size two and it fits....not perfectly. it's not huge huge, but not as fitted as i prefer.

    i also am not very skinny, i wear a size XS or S depending on the company, i'd say i'm a size S.

    dress size 6?

    i don't know if this helps you at all, but that's the most i know, i can double check the sizes at work later (monday is the next day i work though)