Coach Originals vs Coach Classics vs Vintage

  1. There's been a lot of confusion about the recent "updated release" of older style coach bags so I've attached a couple of screenshots that might be helpful (click on the images below to enlarge.)

    The first image shows a snapshot from the "Coach Originals" page currrently on These are near identical to the older versions of the same style bags. They are still made of glove-tanned leather or jacquard fabric, but the materials used may not be quite as thick and heavy as they were when these bags were first released.

    The second image is a snapshot from the new "Coach Classics" page on These are updated versions of some of the older style bags. They are made of a lighter-weight leather with a shinier surface, and with lighter-weight hardware. There have been some color changes and style modifications as well. For instance, the Stewardess bag now has an slip pocket on the back and the dimensions of the bag are slightly different.

    Vintage just refers to older style Coach bags that were made at least 20 years ago. Sometimes the term is loosely used to describe any older style bag, or it may be called "near-vintage" if the bag is less than 20 years old. These bags are often available used/new on eBay and bonz, or used at thrift stores. They often have very thick leather and are favorite projects for "Coach Rehabbers" like me!

    Hope this helps!
    CoachOriginals.jpg CoachClassics.jpg
  2. Thanks Katev! That is very helpful! Maybe I will go for one of the Coach originals and see how they are like! I agree I love the used/new available on eBay/bonz!
  3. I forgot to mention that there are significant price differences in the 3 categories.

    For instance, the Coach Original, glove-tanned stewardess bag is available on for $298. The new Coach Classic, lighter-weight tewardess bag is $358, on And I recently picked up a near-vintage, used, gloved-tanned stewardess bag at the thrift store for $45!

    But be careful, there are a lot of fake vintage coach bags out there so have them authenticated here on TPF!
  4. how often are vintage coach bags faked? i would imagine the newer non- leathery designs... like the CC logo designs are more faked, no?

    Couldn't you clearly feel the difference on a FAKE vintage leather coach bag?
    I would imagine a FAKE vintage leather coach bag would feel like pleather??
  5. Are bags made in Costa Rica considered as vintage bags too since they're not made in China like they are now?
  6. Vintage is really based on age, not the location of manufacture. If the bag is 20 years old or older, then it is vintage. A 20 year old "made in China" bag is a vintage bag.

    The bag below was made in Costa Rica 19 years ago and I consider it "near-vintage" and in 1 year it will truly be vintage!

  7. Many of the older style coach bags have been extensively faked. Especially since Coach has continuously sold some of the more popular older styles (and they are still making them and selling them today!)

    Many of the fakes that I see are obvious. They are plastic and cheap looking, but I have seen (and purchased!) some that are very, very good and extremely difficult to differentiate from the real thing.
  8. Thanks Katev for starting this thread, I thought I would share my find, about a month or two ago I was at my local Outlet and I found this Stuwardess Bag in the Delete area. It was the only one that was there and I think it might of been a return from I compared it with my late 1980s bags and the feeling of the leather seems similar. This one is #09525, it was one of the ones made in China. I paid around $70 dollars for it which I thought was a good price.
    P1010119.JPG P1010121.JPG P1010124.JPG P1010125.JPG P1010126.JPG
  9. A couple more pics, one with one of my 90s bag.
    P1010132.JPG P1010136.JPG P1010128.JPG
  10. Seventy bucks, wow! That's a fabulous price to pay for a brand new glove-tanned Stewardess bag; they are $298 on! What a beautiful bag and a fantastic bargain!

  11. Yeah, when I found It I was like, "is this really happening to me" I can't believe other people passed it up. I was like, "this baby is coming home with me!"

    I got really lucky that day!
  12. Thank you for posting this...great info. I wish I still had ALL my bags (station, basic and satchel) from the 90s still. I did however find a couple that I packed away both made in the U.S. I will post pictures soon.
  13. looking forward to seeing them!
  14. wow.. thanks for this!
  15. Amazing shape that bag is in!! WOW