Coach Organization Tips!

  1. I have a HUGE problem... but it is a lovely problem... I have tooo many Coach bags! :p

    Here is my organization thus far:

    Top Shelf in my Walk-in:
    Coach Bags lined up in their dustbags.

    Second Shelf:
    Coach gift boxes--
    **one large with wallets/mini skinnies/wristlets/makeup bags
    **two small/flat boxes for scarfs
    **Small box for Keyfobs
    **Small box for Charms

    So far-- it is working out wonderfully. HOWEVER-- one cannot tell which Coach bag is in which dustbag without peaking in them all.

    I was thinking I'd buy some of those little white tags and label each with the style/color? Or maybe print small pics of the bag and glue them to the tag?

    Sound good? Or have you got a better idea? ;)
  2. That is an awesome idea. I have been selling my old bags, to later miss them greatly. I told DH I would be keeping them now as I always seem to regret parting with them. Now you have given me a great plan to follow. The white labels are a great thought as well.:yahoo:
  3. My closet isn't even big enough for my crap anymore. i fear if I get any more bags, I may need more room. :sad:

    The picture idea sounds good. I know some people do that with shoes.
  4. Every time I get a new ANYTHING from the boutique, I get a box for it. Whether it's a keyfob or a bag or a scarf. I have all of the boxes lined up on shelves in my closet, with the dustbagged handbags or the accessories inside, and each one is labeled with a little white label from one of those label printing machines, saying which one it is. But you can use the little labels from office depot or wherever and write on them, too. I also have my other bags (my chloé, prada, LV) in boxes on those shelves too. I also do it with just my designer shoes (So far, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Coach, Jimmy Choo and Manolo). The label printer is cheap and you can get it at any office supply store and it's WONDERFUL for all kinds of organization. I recommend it!

    Great thread!
  5. Good idea for putting the wristlets,etc in the gift boxes. I just stuff as much random stuff in each dust bag as I can right now. Fortunatly, I am going to have a nice big closet soon.:p
  6. Yeah-- I keep all my accessories in Coach gift boxes.

    I think if I did that for the bags too---I'd have to move my clothes elsewhere! :lol:
  7. My organizational strategy is a bit different.

    Bags must be high enough on a shelf where my twin boys cannot reach them to carry the family cat around in them.

    Shoes stay on shoe racks on the floor so they can wear them around the house and leave stray ones on the back porch for me to retrieve later.

    Dust bags, while meant to be used to protect precious Coach designs, work very well to carry rock collections and plastic dinosaurs.

    And, uh, I won't get into the details of the jello experiment, but let's just say that the only thing I need to keep my closet organized is a door lock!:graucho:
  8. take a picture of the bag with a poloraid photo and attach them to the outside of the dust bag..that is what i did with mine!!
  9. I wouldn't glue anything to the dustbags!

    :idea: Maybe "cut and paste" a pic of the purse from the drilldown onto a word document, then add other info, print, cut out and use a hole punch to create a hole on the side for the dustbag string. Then loop the dustbag string to the picture of the purse and any other text you include is on the outside hanging from the dustbag.

    I bet you could get about 4-8 on a page, depending on how big you want the pics/tags to be.

    I make homemade hangtags like this for christmas, and string ribbon through to attach to the package. Easier and cheaper than using store-bought ones.
  10. Love it!! How things change with the onset of children, but we wouldn't have it any other way!:happydance:

  11. Oh.. no no no... nothing on the dustbags... just the little tags I have. :push:

  12. I am not going to even ask... maybe I should talk to my hubby about a lock... baby will be here in 20 weeks or less... :wtf:
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    And great idea yvalenz!!

    Right now I just have all of my accessories in boxes and the bags that I don't carry that much are in their dustbags in the closet while the others are out on the dresser.
  14. Walk in closet? Huh! Lucky girl!

    I stack my Coach brown boxes on the top shelf in my closet.

    That's my strategy!

  15. :lol: We bought this house in November--- and my DH and I made a list of the top 3 priorities that we would each NOT budge on.

    Double Garage
    Unfinished Basement (he wanted to finish it)
    Big backyard

    Master Bathroom
    Walk-in closet
    Kitchen that did not need immediate upgrading

    :rolleyes: My mother thought this list was hilarious as did our Realtor!
    But hey-- now we both have a house we love!! :tup: