Coach or Speedy Decision!

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  1. I know there is a topic discussing this sorta ..
    I am a fan of BOTH Coach and LV and am torn ...

    I was a HUGE Coach fan for several years. Recently switched to the "brown side" :P ...
    however when I saw the new coach denim bag immediately thought it was very similiar to a speedy and have been seriously contemplating buying it. I did buy the patchwork duffle which was very speedyish the day Coach released it. I didn't like sooo much white so returned it. However I have personally been debating between that very bag and a LV speedy. I don't like the big denim stripe on that bag but do love how worry free coach bags are. That's my fear of buying the LV speedy (the handles darn it!) ... and sorry I don't like the Damier line so that bag doesn't solve my dilemna...
    I bought a LV LE bag and now won't use it because of how much it cost .. I'm afraid of something happening to it so it sits on my dresser taunting me every morning!!

    so is coach the answer or do I buy the LV speedy and say heck with it .. if the handles get marks/spots .. so what? .... ack!! :nuts:
  2. I think the previously posted coach bag was cute, if you like coach and the style of lv speedy go for it.
    there is no reason you have both.
  3. ^ ITA. Go for both -- and go for Damier ebene speedy if you are worried about the vachetta handles of the Mono speedy (no vachetta on the damier ebene).
  4. I'm not a fan of Coach, so my vote goes towards the Speedy!!! :yes:
  5. Is the coach bag a whole lot cheaper than an lv speedy? Sorry, I'm not very up to date on Coach prices. If it is, then definitely get the coach, if not get the lv because you'll have it forever. Vachetta is not so fragile once you get a slight patina on it. And after just a few days the vachetta will already start to get more durable to water spots, etc. Trust me, I was scared to death to take my speedy anywhere, so I left it in a sunny window for a few days and now I have no problems with it. Good luck deciding which one!
  6. Get the Speedy, the vachetta is surprisingly worry-free and the price is reasonable. Coach pieces have vachetta too and I find that the jacquard fabric is harder to clean than canvas. Just get alcohol-free baby wipes and wipe the handles down periodically.
  7. I vote for the Speedy too. It's just such a gorgeous classic bag. :heart: At first I was worried about the vachetta too but got over it quickly. :smile:
  8. My vote will be for the LV Speedy as well, when the handles do turn and you don't like the way they look you can always have them replaced (but at a cost of course)...I'm going to be getting this bag as well and I just find it to be a classic piece that I will carry for years to come...the Coach bag is something I know I personally just won't carry long term although I think it is a cute bag...
  9. I vote LV Speedy its a classic bag which will never go out of fashion
  10. Definitely the Speedy!
  11. The Coach bag I'm looking at I believe is $358 ... Plus I often receive their Preferred Customer Event Invites so would get an additional I think 25% off of it .. (can't remember if it's 20 or 25% off since the last 4 cards I've thrown away without using)
  12. I say go for the Speedy. At first you might worry a little bit about the handles, but you'll be fine after a few days ;)
  13. If you do not like patina, I would say go for Coach. But if you like patina (Like me!!) I would definetly get the Speedy!! I think that the Speedy is something you would have for a longer time since it is so timeless and classic, and in my opinion I think that LV mono looks better as it ages!
  14. I think most LV fans here would say the speedy. Personally I don't like Coach's big C's so I am also voting for the speedy. I don't think the vachetta is a big problem and if you don't mind paying (almost) double the price and carrying a bag that everyone has then get the speedy. Another way of looking at it is the LV speedy is always a classic but this new Coach bag is just this season's trend.
  15. Speedy!! Once I bought my speedy, I sold all my Coach to buy more LV!
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