Coach or Kate Spade?

  1. which one do you like?

    [​IMG] or


    have til tonight to decide. thanks for the help.
  2. if the kate zips and goes on the shoulder i like it better
  3. wow that was a quick reply... thanks gabz. :tup:
  4. I agree 100% :smile:
  5. I also like the Kate Spade.
  6. Gosh, they are so different...the KS is nicer, but still OK to me.
  7. Well between those two, Kate Spade. In general I prefer Coach over KS.
  8. Of the two, I like the Kate Spade better. :smile:
  9. is the kate spade nylon? i do like the coach and lately when i get a bag i make my decision on what will re-sell better on eBay...(to keep my bag hobby going...)
  10. I like the Kate Spade a lot better.

    I think overzealous logo branding is tacky.
  11. I think overzealous logo branding is tacky.[/quote]

    LOL! My sentiments exactly, except said much more hilariously
  12. Kate Spade
  13. ^ITA.

    Kate Spade. Very classic, easier to keep clean, looks quite durable.
  14. says on the site that it's a classic boarskin leather.
  15. if the ks is leather then i'd go with that!