Coach or kate spade.. what to purchase?

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  1. hi. Good evening everyone.:smile: my mom would be visiting the states in two weeks and I plan on getting either a coach mini christie or a kate spade (sorry not sure what exacte design name but something with three compartments as well)

    May I ask for feedback/opinion on those who have tried these bags?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I have found my Coach bags have been more durable than the Kate Spade ones in general. I have lots of Coach bags and a handful of Kate Spade.

    I haven't tried that particular style, but that is my general point of view. Also Coach leather feels more luxe to me compared to Kate Spade.

    Also Kate Spade outlet bags seem to be at the same level as boutique whereas there is a big difference for Coach. So you may want to go to the KS outlet.
  3. Definitely Coach over Kate Spade.
  4. I haven't been happy with the quality of Kate Spade. The designs are cute but they fall apart. I had a couple of satchels that had really uncomfortable handles. I do have one coated canvas Kate Spade tote that I have been using for years for books and that has held up great. I have tons of Coach and mostly have been happy with the quality.
  5. I would vote for Coach as well...
  6. I converted to a KS user from coach over 10 years ago. Less than 5 years ago I started using more high end brands. However last year I purchased my first coach bag in a VERY LONG time. The quality and craftsmanship is far better than what KS is today. KS has gone quite downhill over the years in terms of durability
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  7. Thank you so much for all your inputs..
  8. I would vote for Coach. They are more durable than Kate Spade.
  9. I’m voting for Coach. The leather is much more luxurious. There are some really lovely designs at KS but I’ve noticed the leather feels unusually stiff so not been tempted. However, I do have a bright pink nylon Kate Spade bought for holidays so I don’t have to take anything leather to the beach or pool or for sightseeing day trips with sun cream! It’s perfect for that and surviving well.
  10. Coach both for quality and design
  11. I have a lot of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other high end designers. But I still have almost all of my Coach bags that I bought before I got into pricier brands, because the when it comes to quality and beautiful leather, I can’t part with my Coach.
  12. I would vote for Coach...
  13. Coach but not.the outlet bags
  14. Coach now are better in terms of quality but the price went higher. I used to resell bags 4 or 5 years ago and i had to scan like 6 similar bags for a perfect bag. There are either damaged hardware, loose stitching or faulty zipper etc. But now everything you choose are made perfectly. They used to sell all made in china ones but now there are a lot of made in vietnam and even made in the Philippines. I dont recommend kate spade or at least from the outlet one. I gifted my sister a wallet from them and she told me the zipper broke after 2 weeks lol. Im not sure if theks retail are better because I havent bought there. Maybe considering the price...