Coach or Juicy Couture Poll

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Which should I get as my first designer bag?

  1. Coach

  2. Juicy Couture

  3. Coach

  4. Juicy Couture

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok I have decided NOT to buy a fake chloe paddington :love:

    Instead I'm going to spend my money on either a JC or Coach bag. (Thats all I can afford) I love both of these bags, and will look great in spring/summer!

    What do you guys think? :idea:

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  2. Coach is cuter. Not too excited about the terry cloth of the juicy.
  3. Do you think it would get dirty easy?
  4. I like the Juicy, Will it be easier to clean ?
  5. The thing is, I think the coach looks more classy, but I can picture going shopping using the JCouture.. they are totally different!

    If I could see both of them, i'd be able to choose.
  6. I prefer the coach. Can you spray this fabric with repellant?
  7. I have no idea....
  8. Glad to hear your still into the Coach! I love that Juicy bag too but I voted for the Coach as it will match more outfits.

    :love: Them both:love:
  9. I like the Coach a lot more than the Juicy. Much cuter!
  10. I like the Coach. Seen the JC in person and I wasn't thrilled with the fabric.
  11. would it be hard to clean do u think?
  12. I like the Juicy bag better than that particular Coach. However, overall I like Coach much better than Juicy. That's JMO.
  13. I like the Juicy bag better.The coach bags is cute,but its a bit to seasonal.Since its your first designer bag maybe get it in a color that you can use it all year around? The problem about the Juicy bag is that the material gets dirty easily.
  14. My husband, sis and friend think coach too!