Coach or D&B?

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  1. I am relatively new to this sight, but I have a question for you guys. Are Dooney and Burke bags considered lower in caliber than Coach bags? I have several pieces in both. Just curious about your opinions.
  2. this topic has probably been beaten to death...

    but i think coach is higher up than dooney (if for no other reason than coach has more boutiques than dooney's handful and probably stands behind products better).

    but i happen to like both. dooney was my first "real" bag, as it probably was for most people. and i still carry my bag and love it (it's a perfect rainy day bag).
  3. I really believe that the quality lies in the style of the bag. I think the signature-type cloth styles are simply trying to hard (too much like LV), while I've heard that the leather styles are fantastic and very hard-wearing. The people I know that have a D&B are extremely happy with them though. One of my coworkers is a die-hard fan.

    Personally though, I really think that both D&B and Coach are gateway drugs... You start with something as innocent as a D&B at Marshals for $50 and end up 3 years later with a purse collection worth more than your car. :shame:
  4. I think you are right :yes: . I could have 2 cars by now but my bags are so much more fun :jammin:
  5. Personally though, I really think that both D&B and Coach are gateway drugs... You start with something as innocent as a D&B at Marshals for $50 and end up 3 years later with a purse collection worth more than your car. :shame:[/QUOTE]

    lol! I thought that was funny! But you know it is the truth! Anyways, I like Coach better than Dooney!
  6. I own sevral pieces of Coach and D&B, but I really want a LV speedy 30 next. The thing I am struggling with is most people will think it is FAKE anyway. I cannot see spending $620.00 on a bag most people will think is not legit. Also, I have a problem with the fact the speedy 30 does not have a cellphone pocket. I expect that in every bag now. Could a speedy 30 owner tell me how you like it? I carry quite a bit of stuff.
  7. that's the same reason i don't have an monogram lv stuff. if everyone is just going to assume it's fake anyways, what's the point in spending that much money?!

  8. Why do you care what people assume. You know it's real and that's all that matters.
  9. Another thing, I live in a small rural town in Georgia and Vera Bradley bags are more coveted than a LV speedy 30. In comparison to my normal purchases, Vera Bradleys are not as expensive, and I can have a closet full of different patterns. I am a teacher and my co-workers refer to me as the bag hag. It is definitely true. I could probably have a much nicer house if it was not for my bag "habit."
  10. i'm from georgia, too! and it's definately like that here, as well.

    i don't think half the people here know lv (or, if they do, they sure as heck don't own the real deal).
  11. i think, in theory, that should be true. but wouldn't it irk you just a LITTLE if you paid $600+ for a bag that people assumed was fake and that you could buy for $30?
  12. Thank you Kallison. I think you feel where I am coming from in regards to what I pay for a bag versus what people think I got off Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. I have a fake LV speedy 30 in my office area as I type, but I cannot bring myself to carry it. The zipper scratches my hand every time I reach into it. I would hope the real thing would be better than that!
  13. i'm sure the real thing is better. ;)

    last time i was in atlanta, i was SHOCKED at how many people i saw selling fakes! (i rarely get into atlanta, except for concerts). interesting, interesting.
  14. The funny thing about the fake LVs in Atlanta, you can get cheaper and better knockoffs on Canal Street in New York. I am not a fan of fakes by any means, but LVs seemed to be one of the most popular bags to knockoff. I am going to get my LV speedy 30, and I am going to pay retail, but I will probably buy several other bags (Coach, D&B, and Vera Bradleys) before that happens. When I really become a grownup (I am 37), I want to get a Hermes bag. That definitely will not happen before I move into my dream house. I just sent my oldest son to college, and I cannot get over my bag "habit."
  15. I am a bigger fan of Coach than D&B, but I haven't owned D&B, so I am not qualified to judge them. MY mom is a die-hard D&B fan, but only the leather bags (though she is less fond of the orange ducks on the fobs right now). I did see a very chic older woman rockin a D&B black and white signature bag. I was shocked because it struck me as a younger style, but it looked really good on her.

    I'd like a Speedy 25, but for the very few LVs in this area (WI), 99.9% are fakes. Even I can spot them from a mile away, and I'm not that great on IDing LVs! While I'd like to agree that a person should be happy to have one for the sake of having one, I think everyone else would think I had joined their little fake club. That is discouraging to me. Perhaps I'll go with a different bag, though, as I am just getting introduced to the whole world of designer bags!