Coach or Coach!!

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  1. Please Please Please!! :cry:

    Help me choose between these two!! :worried:

    It’s my first coach bag!! && my first work bag!! :amazed:

    What do you think???

    On your Left:

    Signature beaded tote with SILVER leather trim
    15 3/8 (L) x 10 1/2 (H) x 4 3/8 (W)


    On your Right:

    The signature gallery tote with GOLD leather trim
    12 (L) x 9 (H) x 5 (W)

    I really can’t decide!! I want it for work.. as a spring/summer bag.

    What would you choose? And why!!!!!!!! in other words (which looks nicer? one that deserves falling in love with?) and which is nicer: silver on khaki OR gold on Khaki????

    If any had seen them in person, pleaaaase share your thoughts :idea:

    Thank you so so so much in advance :biggrin: for whatever advice/opinion that might help!! :love:

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  2. beaded tote. the jumbo signature makes the gallery tote look like a lunchbox.
  3. I prefer the gallery tote, it just seems like a more professional looking bag, and the big signature Cs are really funky. I do like the beaded tote, but it just seems more casual, or something for going to school, or shopping, or carrying around if you have a small child. Just my 2c !
  4. oh and i have the beaded tote with gold dusted suede and it's perfect for everything, school, shopping, work, etc.
  5. The one on the right, by a mile.
  6. I personally prefer the gallery tote. Like Ayla says, it's slightly more professional looking. The strap length makes the bag appropriate to be handheld, rested on the crook of your arm, and if you're not wearing anything too bulky, it can be rested on your shoulder too. However, it does seem that the beaded tote is slightly bigger in terms of lenght and height, and also it seems like it has longer straps, so if you're a shoulder bag girl, then the beaded tote will sit more comfortably on your shoulder.

    They're both cute, but since I have a gallery tote, I'm biased towards it. ;)
  7. Deffinetly gallery tote.It is a much better looking bag.
  8. :lol: actually it'll end up holding an apple or a banana as well!! i cant pull my self till dinner without a snack named lunch!!
  9. Both are nice, but I'd go with the gallery tote.
  10. hmmmm.. thats a fair opinion.. although i saw both in store in different colors than the ones i am comparing now.. and true the gallery tote looks more profissional.. but the thing is.. i havent seen yet the beaded tote in silver:cry: .. so i really dont know what silver on khaki looks like (except from this pic).. but i already know (saw) what gold on khaki look like (lovely!!) :love:

    thank you so so much for taking the time to view this ayla :shame:
  11. My GOD!! Really!! Can i ask you to share a pic if its not a big hastle???:shame:

    or if you cant.. can u please tell me which size is it? is it the normal one? or large one?? :amazed:

    thank u for responding mello_yello_jen :biggrin:
  12. i am counting votes here :amuse:

    thank you jane for participating.. i really appreciate that :biggrin:

    << worse speller ever!! :blink:
  13. Great prespective!! :nuts:

    true 613.. the sales person said the beaded tote is slightly more roomy.. mmm the beaded tote is certainly easier and more comfortable to carry.. but since it'll sit on the desk while i work to earn more money to spend on more bags :blink: !!.. so the carrying issue is not going to bother me that much :amuse:

    but i still have to make up my mind about the design itself!! :love:

    i truely thank u 613 for the great point of view.. and the appreciated opinion :biggrin:
  14. another vote for gallery tote :biggrin:

    thank you SweetTreat for stopping by my confusion :amuse:
  15. Gallery tote is advancing strongly!! :oh:

    thank u sandy for ur opinion :biggrin:
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