Coach Optical Glasses

  1. So my eye doctor doesnt carry the Coach glasses (both optical or sunglasses :crybaby: ) and I was wonder if any of you know of a way I can get ahold of a pair. I asked my doc and I can get my perscription put in them no prob but getting the frames is what I need some help with.

    I do need thicker frames because...well I have horrid vision so my lenses are super thick.

    Any help?
  2. i've seen them on eBay.
  3. Have you tried other eyeglass doctors...just have your regular eyedoctor write a prescription & shop elsewhere. I know my doctor doesn't carry Coach either but I've seen some at stores in another mall by me.

    and i bet my glasses are thicker than yours, lol! i paid for that really light (expensive) lenses and they're still thick enough to distort my face.
  5. lenscrafters
  6. ^ really?

    that's where i go and no such luck.
  7. Kallison, did you get your frames from ?

    They have a great selection. Thanks so much for the info!!!
  8. nope, don't own any coach glasses. i only have one pair of glasses for at night, once i take out my contacts. at this point, there is no reason for me to buy cute glasses- i can't drive in them or really do much of anything in them. so i just have a cheaper pair, since i only wear them when i get up at night. stupid bad eyes...
  9. I got Lasik two years ago and it was the best decision of my life! I had really bad vision, stigmatism, and near sighted. They said one more degree worse I would've been considered legally blind. I had glasses for almost 15 years and contacts for almost 10. Best decision I ever made because now I can see 20/20 in the left eye and 20/10 in the right. Well worth it and my insurance took 20% off the price! I recommend Lasik Plus. :supacool:
  10. i want lasik SO bad...but they won't do it until my eyes are stable (2 years, i think). and by the time that happens, i'll probably be very close to being blind. my eye doc told me that, unless the technology gets significantly better, i will never have 20/20 vision. talk about depressing- i'm only 21.
  11. I just stabilized and this summer I can get Lasik!!!