Coach Optic

  1. Hey this is my first post here, I am in LOVE with coach and want to start a new collection! With that said, I in particular LOVE the coach optic line and was wondering if there is anywhere I can find a comprehensive list of all styles/colors that are available in optic or lurex? I'm a complete noob so hopefully you guys can help me out? Thanks!
  2. No idea, but I got the Hamptons Optic Mini Skinny in the brass/kahki and I absolutely adore it! Optic is just so cute! Great choice :0)
  3. I find a lot of cute styles that I never knew existed by browsing on eBay. Just be sure to double check style numbers in the drilldown to make sure the styles actually existed. I am so intrigued by the Lurex pieces.
  4. i have a little bit of lurex collection going...i have the shoes (hehe, love my kate sneakers). then i have the matching wristlet, mini skinny, coin purse, and picture keyfob. those came in pink (what i have), black, and gold. i also think there's a top handle pouch, probably in the same color combination.
  5. There are shoes! *dies*

    I am so wanting a coin purse, or a mini skinny but I think I like the framing on the coin purse better, I love that style. Someday it shall be mine! The problem with me just discovering Coach is that my wishlist is GIGANTIC with all the cute stuff that has been, is now, and will be!
  6. You can go on the Coach website and do a search for Optic. That should help as far as the stuff online...
  7. The optic and lurex are probably the only signature pieces I like. There is also Kyoto Lurex, harder to find then optic and lurex. eBay is your best bet for searching. Have fun!
  8. hey guys just wondering whats the drill down?
  9. be careful buying optic on eBay until you know what you're looking at. it is a very frequently faked style. make sure you post any bags in the "authenticate this coach" forum on here so that we can tell you if its real or fake. good luck!!!!
  10. I have some pieces of the regular optic and optic lurex. You can see them in my siggy. There's more out there that I don't have.
  11. I have a clutch, also in the link in my signature (and another thread recently on gold Coach bags)
  12. i'm so jealous of your collections!! hopefully one day mine will look like that :biggrin:
  13. I Love optic!,I own a blue zippy wallet & chocolate swingpack!
  14. maybe pics would help?