Coach Optic Signature Baby Bag?

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  1. Hi I am thinking about purchasing this bag in black, and I was wondering if anyone has it and could tell me if it is a good purchase. It is $398 and I have the coupon. If anyone could help me decide that would be great! Thanks!
  2. Yes, i think the bag is gorgeous and it would be a good deal. You have the coupon so you can't go wrong.
  3. if you'll use it, then get it.

    i have a baby bag that i bought for a school bag. it's certainly durable- mine has been through hell and still looks incredible!
  4. I love it. I would go with the pastle colors, blue for boy and pink for girl.
  5. I was thinking of doing this also...I just thought it would be weird. But thanks for letting us know how durable it is (that was my main concern)
  6. it doesn't look weird- cause no one knows what it's actually supposed to be anyways! and i tie a ponytail scarf to mine to add just a little color since mine is all black. (if you all want pics, i can take some after i get back from my theory final)
  7. Yes, pictures please! :yes: Thanks!
  8. crap! i knew i forgot to do something! pics!
    let me finish up a paper really quick...and find my camera...:s
  9. School work comes first! So just finish that paper, and I'll wait. :girlsigh:

    LOL Seriously, no rush. :smile:
  10. paper is semi done...

    but where is that stupid cable...?

  11. Kallison,

    Do you carry alot of stuff in it? How much weight do you think it can handle? I am asking because...well I am 100% nerd and I really need a bag that can hold all my notes, some books, and all my other nerd supplies. I just want to make sure I should get that to replace my other random bag that I have.

    I was also considering the Hamptos Pebbled Leather Book Tote...
  12. i'm assuming all their baby bags are relatively the same size...

    but, right now, in my bag i have: a stuffed full binder, 2 notebooks, psych book (hardback), two smaller textbooks, agenda, and a bottle of water. and there's still room. plus the pockets.

    weight-wise, it's fine- it can handle a ton. though the current one has leather handles- so maybe it can't hold as much? not sure.
  13. Thanks....good luck with finals!
  14. I have the chelsea pebbled multifunction tote... basically the same as the "baby" bag but not called that. I was told it is rated to hold up to 150 lbs. I have a TON of stuff in mine.... I actually had to switch it out at the store and the SA was just amazed at how much stuff I kept pulling out of it because it didn't look so stuffed at all!! I love my bag and get tons of compliments on how nice it is. It is super functional and easy to find stuff in it. I tried the conventional diaper bag and hated it! I think you will love the bag.. go for it!
  15. If it helps I have a Hampton's Leather Tote, and have to say, I LOVE that bag. I'm a college student who carries a lot of books and I can fit all of my books, folders, and laptop in it and still have room to spare. And I get a ton of complements when I carry mine which is pretty much everyday. In fact I had a girl stop me in the middle of the sidewalk today to ask me about mine. Personally I think that would make a better school bag.