Coach optic gone from Coach site? :(

  1. The optic accessories are all gone from the coach site and I was supposed to get the mini skinny for my B-day to match my khaki optic swingpack. I check back there every so often because I have another two weeks, but my mini skinny is gone now :sad: . Do you guys think they would be in the Coach store still or maybe the outlets now have them.? I guess it really doesn't matter if it matches...what would go if I can't get the optic? Thanks for any help.
  2. I thought I read in another thread that Coach was pulling the optic line. I'd check eBay and outlets if you can.
  3. call the outlets, i read something yesterday on here about them pulling things and sending them to the outlets, so i would def. call them :smile:
  4. it won't be to the outlets yet, it take several weeks, I heard it wont be until later this summer

    I would call your store ASAP and see if they still have the optic there
  5. ^^ Thanks!
  6. Just a quick question, if I can't find it, black signature would go best right? Anything else that would work? (I know I am making a fuss about such a small thing, sorry!)
  7. The Optic line has been pulled from all Coach stores and was scheduled to start shipping back to JAX today. It'll be in the outlets in a couple of months or so.

  8. RATS RATS AND DOUBLE RATS!!!:cursing: A dear friend has the big 4-0 coming up and a bunch of us were going to chip in and get her the khaki optic Hamptons Carryall She loves that bag! Oh well, I guess it's back to the drawing board!