Coach Optic Denim

  1. Hi everyone,

    First, I would like to introduce myself. I am new to this forum. I have been lurking around and reading posts but now is my time. I am a Coachaholic. Self admitted. LOL. I have bought 5 Coach purses in the last 2 months. That is so bad!! I shouldnt be throwing money away like this but oh well. I am a fan of the Signature collection. I am a member on eBay and I read the purse discussions and this is how I found you guys. I didnt know that there are SO Many fake Coaches around. Its so sad. I am starting to get better at determining which are Fake, but its still hard especially being a signature lover. I actually have a Coach purse and wallet up for sale right now on there so I can earn my money back since I decided to bid on and win a Coach Optic Chelsea Satchel. I love love love the Optic patterns!!

    Today, my husband, daughter and I went to Marshalls because I heard that they sell Coach there. I found this nasty carpet looking Coach purse right away. There was like 5 of them there. Then I was looking at a guess bag and my husband says, Is that a Coach purse behind that one? And it was!!!! It is the Coach Optic Signature Large Hobo with a turnlock on top. It is the denim (blues) color!! OMG!!! I grabbed that like it was a million dollars. I love it!!!! It is so pretty. It has a braided handle too. It was $199 which isnt bad, but I know if I would have found it in the outlets when it was there, I could have gotten it cheaper. Its got the "X" on the creed so now you know it is discontinued. So I am struggling as to wheter to keep it or try to sell it. What do you all think? I love it!! If I knew how to post pictures on here, I would. The style number is D0729-10991. The only bad thing I know is that Coach will not repair it (If something were to happen) because it has an x in the creed right?

    Oh how I love Coach. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here!!

  2. Hi Jodi!! Welcome. It sounds like you got a great deal! I'm really glad that you got the bag you wanted. As far as the "x", you are right Coach does not warranty that. But don't worry, chances are you will never have a problem with it. Enjoy!!:tup:

  3. WELCOME!!!!:welcome:What a great find and a great deal at Marshall's!!!! Congrats on your new bag!:yes:
  4. Jodi, welcome!:flowers: You've come to the right place to feed your Coach appetite!
    I think you will love it here.:love:
  5. Welcome!!!! I think you will be right at home here!!! We are all fanatics!