Coach optic chelsea hobo- where to get?

  1. Has anyone seen this bag at the outlets or on sale at dillards or something? Of course now that its out of the boutique I decided that I love it! I want it in either black or brown optic. Does anyone remember how much it originally retailed for and how much it is going for now at the outlets or something? I love that braided strap!

    It is #10990

  2. I love that bag too. I would so want the brown.
  3. Have you checked Macy's? I think I saw that bag a couple of months ago when Macy's had a sale. I'm not sure if they still have it but maybe they can do an inventory search across all stores for you?

  4. Macy in Milwaukee, WI does not have it. That I know for sure or else I would own it.
  5. I called and apparently they are $111 at the outlets!!! But i have a feeling thats why I cant find it anywhere (except on eBay for, like, $185+) The outlet by me doesnt have it, Dillards did an inventory search and the whole country is out, etc. I think I may have to wait it out and find a steal on eBay eventually :sad:
  6. I saw this bag in blue at my local TJ MAxx. I also recall seeing it at Off 5th Saks outlet.
  7. I'm pretty sure I saw it at the Napa outlet on sunday in brown. Try giving them a call. (707) 224-2489. Good luck!
  8. Did you call Woodbury? Because I actually saw 2 of these there Saturday morning!
  9. AHHH! you have GOT to be kidding me! I called them 3 times and everyone is like no we dont have any!!!!! It is sooo frustrating when SA's dont know their products, I totally would have gone up there this weekend to get it!
  10. Yeah I know I saw it - in that color too. Did you call Friday? Maybe they put them out for Saturday AM and they got lost in the shuffle or something... I went @ 10 when they opened. I'm sorry you didn't get the right info. Maybe they still have them. I really hope you can find it - good luck :tup:
  11. Thanks sissabelle- i called and they dont have any. I had called on Thurs and Sat :sad: I may go this weekend and check it out for myself- when I called today I was told they just got a new shipment of goodies this morning and would be putting them out soon- but she wasnt sure what was in the box. Im intrigued!