Coach opens first store in Australia photos

  1. That's awesome Coach is international. I LOVE COACH
  2. NEAT! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Yay for Australia!! My Cousin who moved to Sydney should be happy about this !!

    I wonder if we will get any new Australian members ??
  4. [​IMG]
    Oh my god that ergo color is beautiful!!!!
  5. Nice!!
  6. Ohhh I found that color on the Japan site!!! I want it!
  7. I love this pictures. All those ladies look so happy!
  8. Great pics, thanks for sharing! Just another reason for me to go to Australia! (yeah, liek that's a legit reason for paying over $2000 for a plnae ticket!)
  9. Yay for new Coach stores!
  10. Cool! My SIL lives in Australia...I'll have to let her know!
  11. EVERYTHING COACH.... love it! :goodpost:
  12. Ohhh....fabulous pictures, love to see all of the people carrying Coach!
  13. thanks for the wonderful eye candy!
  14. These are so cool! I spotted a camel and a black Lily!!