coach on TV!

  1. I'm watching that new show with Courtney Cox on FX (the one about paparazzi) and her character is carrying a black coach duffle - the one with the adjustable strap - cute!
  2. Lynette on Desperate Housewives had an optic looking black Coach briefcase in the last episode :smile:
  3. Ive noticed that with Desperate Housewives they tend to just use "inspired" bags. Once Gabby was packing some luggage and put it in inspired LV luggage (the kind with P's instead of LV) and in the earlier seasons Bree used what looked like Soho Leather Small Flap bags
  4. I've seen some on the CW shows like Veronica Mars.
  5. ha ha.. I noticed that too. She wears it in every episode of Dirt.
  6. I've seen Bree (desperate housewives)wear a black leather flap hobo in the 2nd season.
  7. Jennifer Lopez is all decked out in Coach(travel) gear when she's leaving LL Cool J, in her "All I Have" Video.
  8. Elizabeth on general hospital carries it all the time.....its a patchwork demi from a few years ago - the signature one with the hot pink snakeskin trim. Also, Emily had a scarf print clutch after they came out.

    I was also watching the movie "Proof" last night and one of the main characters had one.
  9. If you watch closely you can catch them all the time on the Real Housewives of Orange County.
  10. On Passions (NBC) I've seen Ivy Crane wear a few Coach Demi's.

    Cheaper by the Dozen, Ashton Kutcher wears Coach signature loafers.
  11. i noticed that too-lol!
  12. Racel Bilson wearing a Coach Tote on The O.C
  13. Here is Mischa Barton wearing the flats to match the bag.
  14. Amanda Bynes on the set of What I Like About You.
  15. Lorelei was carrying coach on gilmore girls tonight.