Coach on the Big Screen in Mad Money

  1. I was so excited to see Queen Latifah carrying a Whiskey Mandy in the middle of the movie and a large leather Carly in Black at the end of Mad Money.

    It was an okay movie, but the highlight was seeing Coach on the big screen. :tup:

    Did anyone else who has seen the movie notice?
  2. i SO niticed that too.... i whispered to DH.. "she's wearing coach...." hehe..

    he told me i was crazy
  3. lmao and i saw somebody on 27 dresses in the background who had a LEGACY SLIM TOTE IN KHAKI/WHITE!!! But I think it was fake because the strap was super long.. or maybe not!
  4. How funny!

    I do that ALL the time...I see a Coach on TV or in a movie and freak out! DH just rolls his eyes...
  5. What's funny is that my boyfriend would probably notice it, too! He bought me my black Mandy is getting pretty good at Coach-Spotting :p
  6. so since you girls notice bags in movies, did any of you see the 2nd national treasure? The 2nd bag in the movie looked like some kind of coach soho piece - 1st one looked like a coachie too but I wasn't sure.